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IRP Information

IRP Key Points

Who can submit?
Either you or your manager may request an IRP on your behalf.  HR requests that the manager sign, not necessarily approve, the request before it is submitted to HR.

What happens if the manager doesn’t sign it?
The contract requires that the manager forward the request to HR within 30 days.  If you have submitted your IRP and IRP coversheet to CSUEU at, CSUEU will forward it to HR on your behalf on day 30.

What are the criteria for an IRP?
Any one of the criteria listed in our union contract (20.24b) is sufficient.  However, the stronger your case, the more likely you are to have it approved.

How much of a pay raise can I expect?
The minimum in the contract is 3%.  The union recommends that you state a specific increase that you would like to receive along with your rationale for that amount.  Your union stewards can assist you in providing comparative data on salaries earned by your peers in your classification. The amount cannot exceed the top of the range for your classification.

Update your job description
Be sure to update your job description and include it in the package if your job now includes new responsibilities.