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Welcome to Disabled Student Services

The aim of CSU San Marcos is to instill in its students the enthusiasm and curiosity, the creativity and originality, the healthy skepticism, and the habit of continuing inquiry that are central to all truly educated men and women. The goal is to enable them to realize their potential as enlightened individuals and productive members of society in a world of change.

The Office of Disabled Student Services (DSS) is located within Craven Hall in Suite 4300.  The DSS staff are available for both walk-in and scheduled appointments Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  In addition, the office is open until 10:00pm, Monday through Thursday and until 8:00pm on Fridays for students needing special testing accommodations for evening courses.  Individuals wishing to call DSS can do so by dialing (760) 750-4905 or (760) 750-4909 (TTY) and our fax number is (760) 750-3445.  Email inquiries can be sent to

Mission Statement and Goals

The Office of Disabled Student Services (DSS) is committed to providing opportunities for higher education to students with disabilities and to making the programs, activities and facilities at Cal State San Marcos fully accessible to students with disabilities.

  • To ensure that campus policies address the needs of students with disabilities.
  • To ensure that students with disabilities have full access to campus facilities and programs.
  • To improve the campus community’s awareness and understanding of students with disabilities.
  • To ensure that educational policies and curricula are accessible for students with disabilities.
  • To interact with other agencies in the community who provide services to individuals with disabilities to ensure the availability of all resources.
  • To provide appropriate support services for students with disabilities to ensure their participation in the full range of campus programs and activities.
  • To involve students in assessing current needs, recommending new services, and expanding existing services as needed.
  • To ensure the campus remains physically accessible by providing valuable input to those individuals responsible for future campus construction projects and the maintenance of the existing site.
  • To collaborate with other campus units in providing outreach and retention services to all CSUSM students, including students from diverse populations.

For those of you interested in getting in touch with us by mail our address is:

Disabled Student Services
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos CA 92096-0001