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Right to Use Program

There are two “RTU” systems -- Home Use RTU with No Network (home use, one-time rental) and On Campus RTU with Network on-campus only, refreshed annually, with limited network use.


Each fall after campus computers on the refresh program have been upgraded, IITS has available to the campus community what we call a “Right to Use” (RTU) computer system. These computers are formatted and reloaded with Microsoft Office, web browser and virus protection. Monitors may or may not be available, but will be included at no extra charge if available. This is still state-owned equipment, so it cannot be purchased by an individual and must be returned if the individual is no longer employed by the campus. These computers can be used for up to four years and then need to be returned to IITS so they can be appropriately retired from state property.

On Campus RTU computers using the campus network have a $350 annual charge so that proper networking and security can be maintained. The computer will be replaced every year if the user still wants to take advantage of this program. If you choose not to continue using this service, then the computer must be returned to IITS.

Off campus systems have a one-time charge of $350 and cannot be used on the campus network. These systems should be used for campus business and only incidental personal use. These computers are not supported in any way and have no virus protection. They must be returned within four years.  Off campus RTU’s have a 90 day return policy and will be replaced at no cost if there is a failure. The user is responsible for all data placed on a RTU and IITS will not recover any information on these systems. You must fill out the appropriate form before obtaining one of these type systems.