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The on-going assessment of the General Education program is one of the primary responsibilities of the General Education Committee, as mandated by the CSU Chancellor's Executive Order (EO) 1100. Campus faculty have the primary responsiblity for developing and revising the GE program and this includes (1) "periodically reviewing approved courses to ensure that they remain responsive to the essential learning outcomes framework identified in section 3.2" (i.e., the LEAP framework) and (2) "using evidence of student attainment of learning outcomes to inform the ongoing design fo the General Education curriculum and instruction."

Assessment in the General Education program follows an alignment matrix demonstrating how the GEPSLOs are assessed within each GE criteria area.

GE Area Requirements:

Area A: Basic Skills
  • A1: Oral Communication
  • A2: Written Communication
  • A3: Critical Thinking

Area B: Mathematics and Natural Sciences 

  • B1: Physical Science
  • B2: Life Science
  • B3: Laboratory
  • B4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
  • BB: Upper Division Science and/or Mathematics

Area C: Arts and Humanities 

  • C1: Arts
  • C2: Humanities
  • C3: Arts and/or Humanities
  • CC: Upper Division Arts or Humanities

Area D: Social Sciences 

  • Dh: US History
  • Dc: US Constitution
  • Dg: US Government
  • D7: Interdisciplinary Social Science
  • D: Discipline Specific or Second Interdisciplinary Social Science
  • DD: Upper Division Social Science

Area E: Lifelong Learning and Information Literacy 

GE Assessment Schedule - Coming soon!


GE Area and GEPSLO Alignment Matrix

GE Assessment Plan