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General Education Program

Value is placed on an understanding of, and appreciation for the unity of knowledge, the centrality of effective communication and language facility, the community of scholarship, and the ethical and moral bases for human interaction as part of, and with the global environment.  The General Education program recognizes the need to build upon students' prior knowledge and experience and to foster in its students, a  commitment to the development of community as well as self interest.

GE Program Philosophy Statement:

GEC Quick Reference Guide

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Information

Computer Competency Requirement (CCR) Information

GE Assessment information

List of Upper-Division General Education courses

  • This list is intended for faculty and staff use only.  Information
    on this list is corrected as certification changes or when errors are detected.
    Students must rely on the term-specific course attributes that appear in
    the On-line Class Schedule and not on this list.

Curriculum Review: for courses currently under review by the General Education Committee for GE certification

Guidelines for Course Syllabi

Guidelines for Course Syllabi

Interim Coordinator of General Education:

Dr. David J. Barsky
Associate VP for Academic Programs
Craven 5201
Ext. 4329

GE Assessment Coordinator:

Dr. Sharon Hamill
Professor, Psychology
UNIV 304
Ext. 8029