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Amigos & Amigas Members

Los Amigos Members

These are the faculty, staff, and administrators at Cal State San Marcos who are committed to making sure all of our students have a well rounded education and someone to turn to when they need help.

La Amiga

Staci Beavers

TITLE  Associate Professor of Political Science

OFFICE  Craven Hall 6122

PHONE  760/750-4194


I CAN HELP WITH: I serve as pre-law advisor in the PSCI Department, so I can serve as a resource for students interested in applying to law school. For students interested in political parties, I am also the advisor for both College Democrats and College Republicans. 

LANGUAGES Fluent in English 

Photo of Liliana Castaneda Rossman

Liliana CastaƱeda Rossmann, Ph.D.

TITLE  Professor, Department of Communications


PHONE  760/750-4156


I CAN HELP WITH: academic matters, graduate school, familia, y todo lo que se les ofrezca!

LANGUAGES English, Spanish

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I am committed to helping them stay in school, graduate from college, and making a difference in society.

La Amiga

Cynthia Chavez Metoyer

TITLE  Professor of Political Science

OFFICE  Craven Hall 6106

PHONE  760/750-4182


I CAN HELP WITH: student advising, graduate school and other issues related to academic success. My area of research is Latin American politics. I've been on campus since 1994 and can point you in the right direction to various campus resources.

LANGUAGES Fluent in English (Primary language), Conversational Spanish

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I am a first generation college student. Feel free to drop by and chat!

Humberto Garcia Jr

Humberto Garcia Jr

TITLE Safety Specialist

OFFICE Risk Management & Safety, Craven Hall 4700

PHONE 760/750-4511


I CAN HELP WITH: I can assist with anything to do with safety on campus. I am one of the RM&S Safety Specialists, and I can help you with questions on hazardous materials, general safety, risk assessments and food safety.

LANGUAGES Fluent in English and Spanish

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I was also a student at CSUSM, so I am always here as a loyal supporter and proud alumni. I am in the 4th floor of Craven Hall and as long as I am not running around on campus my "cube" door is always open!

La Amiga

Rocio Guillen

TITLE  Chair Computer Science and Information Systems

OFFICE  Science Hall 2: 225

PHONE  760/750-8046


I CAN HELP WITH: Advising students. Mostly interested in advising and helping students enrolled in Computer Sciences and math. Advice/talk to students about graduate school. I have participated in the faculty mentoring program.

LANGUAGES Native Spanish speaker, English, French 

 La Amiga

Michelle A. Holling

TITLE  Assistant Professor

OFFICE  Craven Hall 6112

PHONE  760/750-8576


I CAN HELP WITH: I can help by listening to students, and offering advice about choosing courses, study suggestions, approaching professors or other questions related to being a first gen student.

LANGUAGES Some basic Spanish, Fluent in English

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I conduct research on media representations and writings by and about Chicana/os-Latina/os so if they are interested in learning about that area, lending research assistance or just chattin' about topics related to Chicana/os-Latina/os, I'd be interested in talking.

 Photo of Michelle Hunt

Michelle Hunt

TITLE  Vice President of Faculty Affairs

OFFICE  Craven Hall 5210

PHONE  760/750-8820


I CAN HELP WITH: My background is as an attorney, and I am happy to speak with students who might be interested in the field of law.

LANGUAGES English; some Spanish.

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: Please call or email if there is anything I can do to help!

 El Amigo

Russell Jackson

TITLE  Assistant Professor

OFFICE  University Hall 306

PHONE  760/750-8568


I CAN HELP WITH: Psychology (sensation & perception, cognition)

LANGUAGES Fluent in English

Joon Lee

Joonseong Lee

TITLE  Assistant Professor

OFFICE  Craven Hall 6134

PHONE  760/750-4134


I CAN HELP WITH: I have been a Buddhist monk in Korea. I am very good at open discussion with students about whatever subject they want to.

LANGUAGES Fluent in English, Korean

Spencer McWilliams

Spencer McWilliams

TITLE  Professor of Psychology

OFFICE  University Hall 328

PHONE  760/750-3065


I CAN HELP WITH: I advise students regarding careers in psychology and related fields, as well as advising regarding specific courses for the psychology major.   I enjoy open and broad-ranging discussions of all types.

LANGUAGES Fluent in English

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I very much enjoy helping students to fulfill their potential and their dreams.  I particularly like to work with students to explore their ideas, experience, background, etc., to assist them in clarifying their passions and interests.

Lupe Medina

Lupe M. Medina

TITLE  Assistant to the Dean, College of Education

OFFICE  University Hall 413

PHONE  760/750-4287


I CAN HELP WITH: Directing you the right place for help with classes, financial assistance, instructor problems, and finding staff/faculty/departments, etc.  If being a teacher is what you want to pursue as a career, let's definitely talk! I work at the College of Education and I can give you information to help you succeed. I am here to support your higher education journey.  When you feel overwhelmed, please come and see me, and let's talk it through.

LANGUAGES Fluent in Spanish, English

 Leo Melena

Leo Melena

TITLE College-Wide Admin. Assistant

OFFICE College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office Craven Hall 6211

PHONE 760/750-4200


I CAN HELP WITH: College information (Department/Faculty/Staff Directory, Dean's List, Having difficulty with class/instructor, etc...), College and Campus-Wide Events (Fall Graduation Reception, Department events, etc...), If you're lost and don't know where to go or who to ask, try me!

LANGUAGES Conversational Spanish, Fluent in English

 Lorena Meza

Lorena Meza

TITLE Vice President, Student Affairs

Craven Hall 3600E

PHONE 760/750-4056


I CAN HELP WITH: I can provide guidance regarding support services and know several areas that have expertise.

LANGUAGES Fluent in Spanish, English

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I am here to support your education.  I am first in my family to attend college and understand the personal struggles that we face on a college campus. Estoy aqui para servirte. Cuando necesites ayuda buscame. Conosco varios recursos que pueden ayudarte. Te deceo lo mejor en tu carrera academica.

 Dreama Moon

Dreama Moon

TITLE  Professor of Communication

OFFICE  Craven Hall 6130

PHONE  760/750-4139


I CAN HELP WITH: I can help with locating the right place to go for all kinds of help, I can help with thinking about course work, future goal planning, graduate school application, etc. I can help with ideas about how to make your college experience a successful one academically. I can also help with problems related to equity and justice.

LANGUAGES Somewhat proficient in English ;-)

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I like students so please don't be afraid to ask for help!

La Amiga

Alejandra Sanchez

TITLE Administative Support Coordinator for Academic Programs

OFFICE Craven 5201

PHONE 760/750-8886


I CAN HELP WITH: Assist in anything, provide general information, If I dont know the answer to something, I will most likely put you in contact with someone who knows how to answer your question. Information about doing Community Service/Internships for classes, Community Service Scholarship, etc.

LANGUAGES Fluent English & Spanish

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I was also a Student at CSUSM, I'm a supporter of students in higher education, feel free to come by and talk to me even if it's just to ask a simple question. My door is always open!

 Sally Serrin

Sally Serrin

TITLE Coordinator for the Dean of Students

OFFICE Craven Hall 3600

PHONE 760/750-4925


I CAN HELP WITH: Student Issues (including discrimination, professor issues, academic dishonesty, student conduct code), Student Travel Funds (please come by & ask or visit), policies (including grade appeal, grievances, etc)

LANGUAGES Fluent in English, Minimal Proficiency in Spanish

 Lourdes Shahamiri

Lourdes Shahamiri

TITLE Catalog and Curriculum Coordinator


PHONE 760/750-4327


I CAN HELP WITH: Referral information about services, programs and courses. Experience with catalog and curriculum processes.

LANGUAGES Fluent in Spanish, English

La Amiga

Marie Thomas

TITLE Professor of Psychology

OFFICE University Hall 310

PHONE 760/750-4157


I CAN HELP WITH: Being a first generation student, getting into graduate school, resume preparation, study and test skills

LANGUAGES Fluent in English, some understanding of Spanish

I WOULD LIKE STUDENTS TO KNOW: I believe in the transformative power of education and I will do my best to help students work to their potential.

El Amigo

Gilbert Valadez

TITLE Associate Professor of Education

OFFICE University Hall 300

PHONE 760/750-8514


I CAN HELP WITH: Admission into the Teacher Education Program, the Master's Program, moral support.

LANGUAGES Spanish (moderate proficiency)

 More to Come!