Valid CSUSM parking permit must be properly displayed at all times.

Parking enforcement hours: 

7 days a week/24 hours a day

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Parking News

Night time biking to be safe and in compliance

The days are getting shorter and the chance of being out in the night on your bike is greater and with daylight savings taking place on  Sunday, November 1, it is a good idea to get your bike ready for night time biking.

In the state of California, the vehicle code requires the following equipment on every bike after dark:

•A white, front headlight visible to both the front AND sides from 300 feet

•A red, rear reflector visible from 500 feet when in a car’s headlights

•A white or yellow reflector on each pedal, shoe, or ankle visible from 200 feet

•A white or yellow reflector on each side of the bike, both to the front and rear of center (usually spoke or tire reflectors)

A cyclist can be cited if your bike doesn’t have adequate lighting on it.


Parking permit prices will be reduced by 25% effective Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Rates:

General: $253.50

Academic Year: $558.50

SOLD OUT: Fall 2015 Discounted X,Y,Z and General Carpool Permits



7:30AM to 4:30PM - Work Hours

For more information contact,

Deb Schmidt, Parking and Commuter Services


Changes to Parking Lot L 

Lot L by the Clarke Field House will be off-line from January 16th through August 1, 2016 due to the Clarke Field House expansion project. 

There will be pedestrian access only during the construction.  The stairs and ramp will be accessible to the front door of the Clarke Field House. 

Find Cougar Carpool Matches with the new Carpool Bulletin board or RideMatcher

Welcome back Cougars!  This semester save money on parking and gas by carpooling to campus.

There are two ways to find a carpool match

1 - Use the new Carpool Bulletin Board located in the USU commuter lounge

2 - Cal State San Marcos has teamed up with SANDAG's iCommute program to bring RideMatcher to CSUSM.  RideMatcher is an online tool to help find fellow student carpoolers in your home area with similar class schedules, use your campus e-mail to keep the search to just the campus community.

Go to Commuter Programs Page for more information

Electric vehicle charging stations can be found in Parking Structure.

Electric vehicle charging stations are located on the 1st floor of the parking structure next to the main entrance.  There is also a disabled access charging station located next to north side elevator. All stations can be utilized with a Blink Network access card.  Go to the Blink website for information on their two levels of plans

For guests there is a payment option for using your mobile phone. 

You must have a valid CSUSM parking permit and pay the appropriate charging fee to park in these spaces.  A pay station is located in Lot N or by the north elevator in the parking structure.

For more information please contact Parking and Commuter Services at 760-750-7500