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CHAD Job Opportunities

Many employers in San Diego County are interested in hiring students with a background in Child and Adolescent Development.


If you are a student and you would like to find out about job opportunities, please visit the CougarJOBS website and see job advertisments in the Cougar Chronicle.  To find out about internship opportunities in our local community and abroad, please visit the Office of Internships.


Employers can access CougarJOBS for free at CSUSM Career Center. Employers may also wish to attend our Job Fair; for more information, please contact the CSUSM Career Center. In-home positions are not posted with the Career Center and instead may be advertised in the Cougar Chronicle.

What career paths can I pursue with a CHAD degree?

The Child and Adolescent Development major provides an excellent preparation for careers in developmentally related public organizations, teaching institutions, service agencies, and mental and physical health facilities.  Our undergraduate program provides appropriate background for graduate training in developmental psychology, including experimental, applied, and clinical programs.  Coursework in CHAD is also relevant to graduate training in counseling, teaching, medicine, law, child advocacy, and public policy relating to children and adolescents.

At CSUSM you can meet with specialized faculty advisors that can guide you through the right path and help you pursue your career goals. We also recommend students meet with a Career Advisor to discuss employment opportunities, career options, resume writing, personal statements, etc.

See the following posts for more information about potential careers:

Career interviews with Psychology & CHAD Professionals

Here are a series of informative interviews with individuals working in a variety of CHAD-related fields, conducted by CSUSM Professor, Dr. Sofia Jimenez!

If you've ever wondered what you can do with a Psychology of Developmental major, these videos provide insight into several career options. I ask Professionals questions like what their day-to-day looks like, what their career trajectory looked like, why they chose the field, and what their favorite and (importantly!) least favorite parts of their job are. These interviews provide practical information, advice, and maybe even inspiration to undergraduate students searching for a career path.

Educational Setting

Clinical or Therapeutic Setting

Industry or Non-Profit

The Spring 2023 CHAD Career Panel featured professionals working with children and adolescents in educational, health, and community settings. Learn about the following careers and training: School Psychologist (Education Specialist; Ed.S.), Social Worker (Master of Social Work; MSW), Child Life Specialist (Master of Science in Child Life), and Marriage and Family Therapist (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy; LMFT).


Spring 2023 CHAD Career Panel link

Here is a career panel with individuals working in a variety of CHAD-related jobs, including elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, social worker, and ECE director, conducted by CSUSM Professor, Dr. Janice Phung!

Spring 2022 CHAD Career Panel

Can I use my CHAD degree to pursue a career in teaching?

Yes.  Students who wish to get a teaching credential may major in any discipline as an undergraduate.  Different credentials have different requirements.  Please consult with advisors in the School of Education for more information. Students who wish to teach Transitional Kindergarten (TK) may qualify for the stipend incentive program.

Can I get my Early Childhood Education Certificate (ECE) at CSUSM?

Although our preparation course for the major (lower division) satisfies some requirements of ECE certificates, CSUSM does not offer all of the courses required of these certificates. Community Colleges (e.g., Palomar and Mira Costa) offer the courses required for the certificates.  Students should contact the local community colleges for more information.

The exception is a Child Development Assistant Permit, which needs only 6 units of ECE courses—this requirement would be satisfied with PSYC 210 and PSYC 215 (two of the required lowerdivision courses).  Students who wish to obtain this permist should contact the State Commission on Teaching Credentialing.


Career Ideas

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