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Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast typical and atypical development of children and adolescents.
  • Locate, interpret, and critically evaluate scholarly articles in developmental psychology.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge and methodological skills to observation, assessment, and interaction with children, adolescents, and the adults in their environment.
  • Describe the scientific approach to developmental psychology and apply basic research methods in developmental psychology, including research design, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and interpretation.
  • Clearly and effectively express ideas using oral communication skills with attention to audience and topic.
  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills in a variety of formats and for a variety of audiences, using APA format when appropriate.
  • Evaluate the role that context (i.e., family, peers, schools, communities, cultures) plays in development.
  • Describe and defend the guidelines for the ethical treatment of children and adolescents as articulated by the American Psychological Association and the Society for Research in Child Development.