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Chambers & Businesses

The Chamber Champions partnership program launched in fall 2005 as a way to engage the University in the work and activities of our regional chambers of commerce, and equally, to engage the chambers in the work and activities of the University.

Since the inception of the program, nearly 100 University employees have stepped forward to champion the work of the chambers by attending mixers, networking events, luncheons, and installation galas and, in some instances, by participating in committee work or serving on boards of directors. Each partner chamber has an assigned lead, a “champion,” supported by a team of volunteers, most of whom reside in the chamber’s community.

Partnership Benefits

The Chamber Champions program is a “win-win-win” partnership resulting in:

For the University

  • Increased awareness of Cal State San Marcos as the higher education leader in northern San Diego and southwestern Riverside Counties;
  • Greater support of and participation in University research and studies;
  • Relevant experiences for University students in the form of internships and community service programs;
  • Promotion of specific University courses, programs, activities, and events; and,
  • Legislative advocacy for higher education initiatives

For the Chambers

  • Promotion of and participation in specific chamber events and activities;
  • Improved access to expertise and consultation on business initiatives;
  • Assistance with community-based assessments and studies; and,
  • Involvement of University faculty and staff on chamber committees and boards

For the Community

  • Enhanced communication, sharing of knowledge and improved quality of life resulting from collaboration;
  • Models of how collaboration can work;
  • Examples of research-based business “best practices;”
  • Stronger workforce; and,
  • Informed advocacy with a concerted voice