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Course Evaluations

Student Feedback Survey

Student Feedback Surveys are fully online

Student Feedback Surveys are an important source of student feedback regarding their learning experience. Each term, Academic Affairs administers Student Feedback Surveys, collates responses, and distributes results.

Online Student Feedback Surveys are administered through Class Climate software. Students receive invitations and reminders to complete the evaluations via email, and they can also access the evaluations directly through Cougar Courses. Faculty receive a report of their results at the end of the semester once grades have been posted.


The Fall 2023 Course Evaluation process has been completed!  If you are a faculty member and have not received your Course Evaluations for Fall 2023 term, please contact your college (see section to the right for list of contacts) for assistance.

Timeline for Spring 2024
Date Timeline
Mon, Feb 19 Spring Schedule spreadsheet will be emailed to Colleges for update (Census is Friday, March 16th, 2024)
Mon, Feb 26 Colleges Email Course Evaluations Administrator spreadsheet of courses that meet the first half of the term or courses that are team taught
Mon, Mar 4 Course Evaluations for 1st half of the fall semester will be activated thru March 16th
Tues, Apr 2 Spring Spreadsheet for all courses due to Course Evaluations Administrator
Mon, Apr 29 Course Evaluations for 2nd half of the Spring semester and full term will be activated thru May 10th
Fri, May 10 Last day of classes that meet the full-term and second half of the semester
Tues, May 21 Individual Results will be available on shared folders this week
Week of May 28 Individual Results will be emailed to faculty
Week of May 28 Comparative Results will be available on shared folders by the end of the week
Comparative Results will be emailed to professors by the end of the week
If you have questions about Course Evaluations, please contact Course Evaluations.

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