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Curriculum for Environmental Studies

Program Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program at California State University San Marcos provides a collaborative setting for faculty, students, and community partners to study environmental and land-use issues. The degree provides introductory training in physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, land-use planning, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental policy and law, research methods, and environmental arts and humanities.

The multidisciplinary core of the degree comprises four general areas:

  • Life and Physical Sciences provides the scientific background for the major, consisting of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology.
  • Social Sciences and Policy exposes students to institutional and legal frameworks of environmental policy, and to processes by which policy is established.
  • Research Methods prepares students with research tools - GIS and research methods  - necessary for applied work in the professional arena, and also for graduate studies.
  • Environmental Arts and Humanities encourages students to think critically, ethically, and aesthetically about the environment.

Career Opportunities

Students will be prepared to pursue diverse careers in land management agencies, environmental policy, environmental review processes in both private and public sectors, outdoor recreation, government, environmental education, and non-profit organizations.