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FAS Administration


The FAS Administration Subdivision is comprised of four departments:

Integrated Risk Management (IRM): Responsible for consulting with the campus community on methods and actions to reduce or mitigate the consequences of liability to the campus. The unit is also responsible for managing the campus' contributions to the CSU Risk Management Authority risk pool in the form of premiums for general liability insurance, workers' compensation, industrial disability, non-industrial disability, unemployment insurance, and property insurance.

Office of the Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services: Oversees strategic planning and management of division resources and provides a wide range of services, including maintaining University policies, procedures and guidelines, coordinating systemwide audits, overseeing Clery compliance, processing public records act requests, division communications and implementing division-wide organizational excellence initiatives like Business Process Improvement training, Campus Connect, and the Staff Center.

Office of Internal Audit (OIA): Works closely with campus leaders, faculty, and staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the controls in place in order to manage significant risk exposures, ensure the integrity and reliability of information and financial reporting, safeguard university assets, and support compliance with laws and regulations. 

Safety, Health & Sustainability: Collaborates with the campus community to provide consultation and training on occupational health and safety standards, the management of hazardous materials and sustainability practices.