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If you have questions regarding a specific policy, please contact Edith Nuno, Policy Analyst, Finance & Administrative Services.

University-wide administrative policies, procedures, and guidelines are managed by the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services (VPFAS).

CSUSM PolicyStat is the online library that houses all active campus policies that have been officially approved through the steps in our Administrative Policy Process. This site is intended to serve as a resource for CSUSM's students, faculty, and staff to research policies that have university-wide application. Division, department and college policies, procedures, and guidelines that are specific to those areas will not be listed on PolicyStat.

As a note, though they are also housed on PolicyStat, Academic Senate policies are not managed by the VPFAS policy office and have their own separate approval process. For questions regarding Academic Senate policies, please reach out to the Senate Administrative Analyst.

Policy Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility
Policy Owner/Initiator
  • Remain informed on applicable executive orders, system wide policies, and other authorities that pertain to policy owner's area and policies 
  • Provide guidance and assistance with interpreting policies as needed
  • Author policy updates, revisions, and new policies as needed
  • Ensure all applicable stakeholders have reviewed drafts or proposed changes to policies
  • Work with Policy Administrator to move policies through the policy action process
Policy Administrator
  • Administer policy action process (Academic Senate policies are not within purview)
  • Maintain the CSUSM PolicyStat Library
  • Upload approved policy updates, revisions, and new policies to PolicyStat, and remove approved rescinded policies
PAT Jr. Members
  • Approve or deny policy revisions, rescissions, and new policies
  • Review, provide equity opportunity feedback, and suggest written revisions to existing and new CSUSM administrative policies
  • Propose potential solutions for addressing equity concerns identified in reviewed policies