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Free Speech

Free Speech


At Cal State San Marcos, wcontinually strive to be an inclusive university where difference is appreciated as a source of our collective strength. As part of that, freedom of speech is essential to our commitment to ensure inclusive educational opportunities for all students. 

On our intellectually and culturally diverse campus, the freedom of speech provides all members the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to our shared mission to create a more just, free and prosperous world. But translating theoretical principles into real-world practice can be complicated and challenging, particularly if different members of our community have conflicting opinions, as they inevitably will.  

Sometimes freedom of speech will bring forward strong emotional responses. However, whether the statements are popular or unpopular, agreeable or offensive, the freedom of speech is a fundamental right and cannot be denied, even when ideas and opinions go against our own institutional values and are hateful, repugnant or loathsome to many. 

Freedom of speech plays a valuable role in the student experience at CSUSM. We encourage you to express your own views, debate issues, get involved and make change. An active, vocal and engaged student body is a keystone of university life. 

In fall 2022, an Elections and Free Speech Taskforce was charged to support ongoing electoral engagement and the principles of free speech in our campus community. Learn more about the charge and membership.

Navigating Free Speech 

This website seeks to be a resource for our campus community about free speech. We invite you to explore the information and definitions made available here and contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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