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Global Studies News

Spring '18 Colloquium

The Global Studies Department is pleased to announce the Spring 2018 presentation in our faculty colloquium series. This semester, Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Modern Language Studies Department, Maria Gomez-Martin, will speak on Tuesday, April 24 from 12-12:50 pm in SBSB 4111 on Narratives of an inherited exile: the experience of the children of the Spanish Civil War.” 

Dr. Gomez-Martin’s research examines the literary production of the second generation of Spaniards exiled in Mexico after the Civil War (1936-1939): a selected group among “the children of war,” born in the homeland before 1934. Even if they diverge in literary genres or defined styles, all these authors share their own traumatic traces and violent conflict experiences. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the effects of this trauma in order to understand the lost Spanish imaginaries that these children recreated in their works. Likewise, it is fundamental to acknowledge the liminal condition of this generation, better known as “nepantla”, which is a náhuatl word that means “in between”.  Dr. Gomez-Martin proposes that their double alienation and shared lack of Spanish and/or Mexican identities forced, but also allowed, them to recreate a new space where fiction and reality, memory and imagination converged to represent and develop their own subjectivities. Specifically, these interpretations of selected works are based on the acknowledgement and understanding of the exile not only as a general subject present in their first creative stages, but also as an existential transfiguration as well as a profound and complex introspection aimed to understand the exile as condition of their own transient being.  

Global Studies colloquia are planned as scholarly conversations, casual seminars not lectures, with researchers from areas encompassing global issues such as security, development, environment, health, culture, etc. All faculty and staff are invited. These talks are not intended for students, although faculty members may invite students with research interests in the area of the talk if space permits.  Please contact Elizabeth Matthews before inviting students.  Please keep in mind that the colloquia are scheduled into seminar/conference-style rooms with limited seating capacity. 

Lunch will be served.  If you are able to attend, Please RSVP by Thursday April 19, 2018 to Elizabeth Matthews,

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Global Studies graduates Christina Heredia, Kavita McCloskey, and Yana Chesskaya (with Professors Elizabeth Matthews and Scott Greenwood) are recognized at the CHABSS Academic Honors Ceremony on Sunday, April 30, 2017. 

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