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Steps for Faculty

It is important to name all documents created in Adobe Workflow. This helps the you and the committee check on the document progress. Please note that  Adobe Workflow is not the submission of forms to hire a LAEP student. Rather, this process helps you input information and gather all required signatures. 
  1. Create
    1. LAEP Position Proposal Form and LAEP Faculty/College Employer Agreement Form  (Adobe Workflow)
      1. Position Proposal Form will be directed to the LAEP Committee for approval
  2. Recruit
    1. For direct hires:
      1. Faculty members will confirm student eligibility through MyCSUSM
    2. For job posting:
      1. Provide Career Center ( the approved LAEP Position Proposal Form and LAEP Faculty Agreement
      2. Career Center will post LAEP opportunities and email opportunities to LAEP eligible students along with the LAEP Student Interest Form and directions to correspond directly with the faculty contact
  3. Interview
    1. LAEP eligible students that are interested in applying for a posted position will provide resumes and interest forms directly to faculty contact 
    2. Faculty will conduct interviews 
  4. Hire
    1. Work with your Department/College hiring contact and provide the following:
      1. Approved Position Proposal
      2. Completed LAEP Faculty Agreement
      3. Completed LAEP Student Agreement
      4. Salary Rate RationaleA rationale should attached to the ePAN for any student making over minimum wage.