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Faculty Highlights

Jocelyn Ahlers

Panel presentations at the American Anthropological Association Conference Nov. 20-24, 2019.  Accept Everything Just as It Is: What Happens When Mindfulness Is Framed as a Practice of Self-care.  Care of the Self and Care of the Other: Toward an Anthropology of "Self Care." 

Nicoleta Bateman

Panel presentation at the NCTE Annual Convention Nov. 21-24, 2019. Language, Linguistic Diversity, and Critical Inquiry across the English Language Arts Curriculum.

Greig Guthey

Dr. Greig Guthey's Living Laboratory featured on Edible San Diego.

Sustainable Food Project Garden.  Garden aims to help address student food insecurity.

Kim Knowles-Yanez

Chair of the campus-wide Climate Change Faculty Working Group. If you are TT or lecturer faculty interested in joining, please email me at

Tihomir Kostadinov

Dr. Kostadinov has been working on his NASA-sponsored ocean color remote sensing research.  In February 2020, he presented his latest results on the modeling of backscattering by phytoplankton using coated spheres Mie theory, at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, CA.

Elizabeth Ridder

Dr. Elizabeth Ridder was recently awarded a National Science Foundation grant as co-PI for the proposal Bronze Age environmental dynamics and agrarian responses in the Eastern Mediterranean. Dr. Ridder and colleagues from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, the University of Georgia, and Vancouver Community College will continue to address social and environmental questions relating to the development of early agricultural civilizations, and the social and physical landscapes they created in Cyprus, Lebanon, and Jordan.

While mentoring underrepresented students in her research lab, Dr. Ridder provides exceptional service to the university.  She was awarded  assigned time for Spring 2020 as recognition for this work.