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Liberal Studies Advising

The Liberal Studies major offers two pathways that prepare students to earn a Teaching Credential for grades K-8 or Special Education in California.

  • Liberal Studies major - Elementary Subject Matter (ESM)
  • Liberal Studies major - Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) (beginning Fall 2019)    

You can find the list of course requirements on the Approved Course Lists page.

Latest News 

Fall 2019 Transfer Students - New Courses Added to Fall Schedule:

  • LING 341 (will meet requirement for Integrative OR Multicultural Studies OR RLL Area of Focus)
  • SOC 203 (will meet requirement for Human Development Area of Focus in Gold ACL)
  • PSYC 100 (will meet requirement for Human Development Area of Focus in Gold ACL)
  • ID 340 (will meet the Integrative or Multicultural Studies Requirement)
  • LBST 100
  • LBST 300
  • GEOG 341

Current students

Students in the Pink and Blue Catalog years are currently not able to declare their Depth of Study through the online system. While this technical issue is being addressed, please email with your choice of Depth of Study. Incoming Fall 2019 students can follow the instructions in the Depth of Study/Area of Focus link on the left sidebar to declare their Area of Focus choice.

CSET Waiver

The CSUSM Liberal Studies major has been approved as a CSET I-III waiver program. From more information, visit the LBST Department website.


Information about the ITEP pathway will be available in Fall 2019.

Fall 2019 Transfer Students

The Fall 2019 curriculum includes a new course, MUSC 250, offered only at CSUSM. Transfer Students are allowed to substitute Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts courses equivalent to DNCE 101, TA 120, MUSC 120, AMD 120 or VPA 101 at CSUSM for this class. If you have taken one of these courses and you see MUSC 250 appear as a requirement in your degree planner, please submit an ARR correction form.

If you find that needed courses are full, you will want to get on the waitlist for the course. It is anticipated that classes will be added throughout the summer to meet student course needs.