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Depth of Study or Area of Focus

The Liberal Studies curriculum covers the seven subjects taught in elementary schools.  Additionally, the California Standards for K-8 teacher preparation mandate that future teachers acquire in-depth knowledge in one of the seven subject areas.

Beginning in Fall 2019, Liberal Studies students will meet this requirement through an Area of Focus.  You can find the area of focus options on the second page of the Approved Course List (ACL) for your catalog year or requirement term.  

Students in the Pink and Blue Catalog ('04-'18) years will meet this requirement through a Depth of Study which consists of a choice of 16 subject area options.  LBST students will select one of the 16 subject area which can be found on the Depth of Study Worksheets link.


How to declare your Area of Focus

To declare your Area of Focus, go to your Student Center in your myCSUSM account.

In the drop-down menu 'other academic' on the left side of the page, select 'Change of Major or Minor'.

Click the link at the bottom of the next page to Proceed to Change Major.

Your major should show 'Liberal Studies BA'.  You will need to select 'Liberal Studies-Elem Subj BA'  in the drop-down list for major.

The Required Subplans drop-down menu will appear and you can select your Area of Focus from that list.

Be sure to confirm your selection.