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Liberal Studies Advising

Liberal Studies Advising

WELCOME Liberal Studies Students!

The Liberal Studies major is different than all the other majors at CSUSM and can be confusing at first to understand.  The videos below will walk you through the major options, area of focus and using our website to help you be successful as you start the program. We recommend that you watch the videos before scheduling an advising appointment.  New transfer students should watch both videos.

The Liberal Studies major offers two pathways that prepare students to earn a Teaching Credential for grades K-8 or Special Education in California.

  • Liberal Studies major - Elementary Subject Matter (ESM)
  • Liberal Studies major - Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)  


You can find the list of course requirements on the Approved Course Lists page.  

Latest News 

Current LBST students - LING 100 number change

If LING 100 is showing in your degree planner as a requirement, this has been changed to LING 200.  It is the same class, just a different number.  If you have already completed LING 100, you do not have to take LING 200.   

Transfer Students Only

Beginning with Fall 2019 program requirements, the LBST curriculum included a new course, MUSC 250, offered only at CSUSM. Transfer Students are allowed to substitute Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts courses equivalent to DNCE 101, TA 120, MUSC 120, AMD 120 or VPA 101 at CSUSM for this class. If you have taken one of these equivalent courses at your community college and you see MUSC 250 appear as a requirement in your degree planner, please submit an ARR correction form.

Academic Requirements Report (ARR) Issues for LBST students

The courses listed below can meet one of several requirements for the LBST major. Even if you select one of these classes from your Degree Planner to meet a specific requirement, the ARR may incorrectly assign it to a different requirement and thus may not accurately reflect the requirement that you intended for the course to meet. It is imperative that you pay close attention to your ARR, the Approved Course Lists (ACLs) and the catalog restrictions on double-counting courses. If your ARR shows that a course meets a requirement other than what you intended, please fill out an ARR Correction Form or contact your Academic Advisor to have your ARR adjusted.

  • BRS 300
  • ID 340
  • LBST 307
  • LING 341
  • LING 355
  • LING 371
  • LING 381 

CSET Waiver

The CSUSM Liberal Studies major has been approved as a CSET I-III waiver program. From more information, visit the LBST Department website.