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Academic Affairs Strategic Planning

Academic Affairs Strategic Plan

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan (pdf)


CSUSM is a dynamic university with a global vision. Guided by a perspective that transcends borders, Academic Affairs serves the University community by creating a culture of academic excellence that fosters diversity, promotes innovation and sustains intellectual excitement. 

Through shared leadership, Academic Affairs -

  • Challenges intellectual, geographic and technological boundaries.
  • Engages students as active participants in their education.
  • Empowers every member of the academic community to contribute fully to the vision with passion and purpose.
  • Supports active scholars, artists and practitioners as they create effective teaching-learning pathways.
  • Expands University engagement with community, business and institutional partners.
  • Establishes CSUSM as the university of first choice for students.


Academic Affairs prepares students to be life-long learners and productive contributors to a global society by helping them acquire knowledge and develop skills and values.


Academic Affairs upholds the University’s core values:

  • Intellectual Engagement: learning, teaching, discover, and application of knowledge
  • Community:  shared commitments to service, teamwork, and partnership
  • Integrity:  respect, honesty, trust, fairness, academic freedom and responsibility
  • Innovation:   creativity, openness to change, flexibility, responsiveness, and future focus
  • Inclusiveness:  individual and cultural diversity, and multiple perspectives

More specifically, the core values that drive our approach to decision making, problem solving, and resource allocation are:

  • All students are given the opportunity to reach their full academic/educational potential through the CSUSM academic/educational experience.
  • Research and creative activity are essential to high quality teaching.
  • High quality teaching is essential to high quality learning.
  • Students are active participants in the learning process.
  • Learning is transferable into multiple real world settings.


  • Develop an Academic Master Plan that focuses on programs relevant to our changing society and student demographics.
  • Employ pedagogies that are relevant to our changing society and student demographics.
  • Invigorate faculty and student research activities.
  • Cultivate global perspectives.
  • Provide faculty and staff professional development.
  • Develop non-state funding sources.
  • Provide needed academic technology and library resources.

 Revised May 17, 2011