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Hospitality Expenses Policy and Procedures

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AA STATESIDE Hospitality/Docusign Checklist :

One DocuSign Hospitality form is required per event; an event, which takes place over multiple consecutive days, is considered one event. One DocuSign Hospitality form may be submitted for multiple dates of the same event type (one 'blanket' form). 

  • All costs for an event should be included on the form (room, catering, promotional items, etc.)
  • Confirm funds requested match supporting documents.
  • Product requests require an estimate and itemized list.
  • Include agenda, flier, invitation, or event announcement and for smaller events, a list of attendees and their affiliation to the university (student, employee, etc.). Dates must match request.
  • If this is a catering event, please attach the catering estimate/quotes for all expenditures and cost per person.  Must be on Approved Caterers list.
  • Include guest list that states if they are official guests or employees, how many attending, and cost per person for food and items.
  • Auxiliary employees are classified as official guests.
  • Do not use 48500 funds for gift cards.
  • Attach ECS quote or other event location quote to show full cost of event (food and setup).
  • Attach Alcohol Approval form if event is on campus  and includes alcohol (do not use state funds), only 85xxx project funds can be used for alcohol, if it's in the written agreement.
  • For Provost signature, add Level 2 Reviewer Maria Rasimas and Level 2 Approving Authority, "Graham Oberem" on signature line, using this email only:
  • Please submit at least 10 business days before event.  
  • If request is submitted after the fact, include a memo to explain why.
  • A hospitality form is not required for sponsorship or tables for events, use a Direct Pay form.
  • Additional hospitality questions?  Contact

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