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Hospitality Expenses Policy and Procedures

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AA STATESIDE ADOBE/Hospitality reminders (please read above guidelines at link in full):

  • One ADOBE form is required per event, include all costs; an event, taking place over multiple consecutive days, is considered one event. One ADOBE Hospitality form may be submitted for multiple dates of the same event type (one 'blanket' form). 
  • All costs for an event should be included on one ADOBE submission.
  • Confirm funds requested and dates of event match supporting documents.
  • All 4xxxx funds and 48500 funds are treated the same for Hospitality purposes, they are all stateside funds.  


EVENT NARRATIVE with CSU BUSINESS PURPOSE (must be no more than 12 times per year for employee only events).

LATE SUBMISSION memo if submitted to the PROVOST OFFICE less than 10 days in advance. 

EVENT:  Agenda, flier, invitation, or event announcement must be attached.  State funds CANNOT be used for retirement parties.

CATERING/ECS:  Attach the catering and venue estimate/quote for all expenditures (including ECS).  Must be on Approved Caterers list. If submitting request early and can't get catering or ECS quote, you may use previous FY catering invoice if it is for the same event and you expect to be similar in cost (within 10%).  On ADOBE, DO NOT choose the catering category if it is NOT being catered, use Food Non-Catering: Pre-packaged food items that are not catered are allowed and do not need to be purchased from one of the approved caterers. This includes restaurants and chains as long as they are not delivered on  the campus, non-approved caterers may drop off  at the curb.

ATTENDEE LIST:  Attach guest list of attendees stating their affiliation to the University, official guests or employees, and a total count of how many attending. Auxiliary (Foundation and CSUSM Corp) employees classify as official guests and student workers classify as employees (unless it is a student event).

COST PER HEAD for food, etc. (based on entire catering estimate). Maximum per person rate for breakfast ($25), lunch ($50) and dinner ($75) inclusive of the total cost of food, beverages, labor, sales tax, delivery fees or other service fees.

PRODUCT REQUESTS:  Attach itemized list and estimate. 

MEETINGS must serve a bona-fide business purpose; provide an explanation of the business purpose. Employee only meetings must be NO more than 12 times per year.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol Approval form must be attached if event is on campus and includes alcohol (do not use any state funds except 496xx).  Auxiliary funds must comply with Auxiliary procedures (85xxx per written agreement). All alcohol reimbursements must be signed by the Provost; including off campus purchases/reimbursements.  Bar Service may be paid with state funds, but not the alcohol.

GIFT CARDS:  Accounts Payable Gift Card Procedures

Submit to Provost’s Office for signature at least 10 days before event

For Provost Signature add Level 2 Reviewer Maria Rasimas and Level 2 Approving Authority, "[TBD]" on signature line, using this email only:

Need PRE-APPROVAL with Provost’s signature if event is over $500 OR for any events that include the following (regardless of the total expense or fund source (state and auxiliary):

  • events that include serving alcohol, regardless of the total expense, on or off campus
  • gift card/cash equivalent
  • recreational, sporting or entertainment events
  • a spouse or domestic partner of an employee
  • expenses above set per person maximum rates 

 A hospitality form is not required for sponsorship or tables for events.

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