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AA Employee Onboarding & Separation Checklists and Status Changes

Personnel hiring and status changes process stateside only 

  1. Personnel Requisition - HR Forms/Recruitment (scroll to bottom of HR forms) only include HIRES (NEW OR REPLACEMENT hire (recruiting) - not reclasses/IRPs or Bonus).  When recruiting:
    1. Recommend including supplemental questions with the application
    2. Recommend requesting a letter of interest (cover letter) with the resume
    3. Recommend including appropriate assessments for the position (especially excel for all administrative positions)
    4. Recommend including appropriate scenario questions in the interview
  2. Position Job Description - HR Forms/Recruitment (scroll to bottom of HR forms)
  3. IF NEW HIRE ONLY AA NEW HIRE Position JUSTIFICATION (do not need for replacements or pay increases anymore, see ADOBE workflow links below)
  4. Current Organization Chart that includes the position

CSU Salary Schedule, Classification Standards, and Collective Bargaining Agreements (if needed)

Prior to submitting new position personnel reqs (not replacements) or any MPP personnel docs to ADOBE, Dean must get informal approval from the Provost for the position at 1:1, then email Provost for approval that can also be forwarded to get President approval if needed (for MPPs). 

For new position Submit all 4 above documents through ADOBE. For replacement position submit #1 & #2 above through ADOBE.  SIGNATURE ROUTING FOR ALL PERSONNEL REQS:

  1. Dean signature
  2. Provost using
  3. MUST include President at for President level signature on all MPP personnel requests only
  4. Budget Office approval using and assign text box for Pool ID to be entered by Budget Office

**After HR approval, attach HR Appointment letter through the ePAN process and include comment regarding base funding (on all base funded personnel actions):

  • Base funding identified and source
  • Name of person identifying the funding
  • if division approval required - name of approver within the division).

Personnel requisitions are not needed for student workers or casual workers, just ePANs. 

Forms now in ADOBE workflow:

If you have questions regarding these forms, please contact your HR analyst directly.


  • 85xxx Sponsored Projects, are signed by supervisor and PI/PD only (and MPP supervisor if it is an Overload)
  • 86xxx, 82xxx, and 81xxx, Campus Programs, SEE SIGNATURE ROUTING MATRIX 

Onboarding checklist (revised 12/06/2021):

All employees:

  • Email employee welcome email (template-adapt for internal, faculty, etc.) after receive signed HR offer letter
  • Email announcement to department introducing new employee, background, start date, etc.
  • Update org charts, directories, web pages
  • Name plates or office sign updated
  • Access to any resource or shared mailboxes, folders, etc.
  • New hire ESP - for email, parking permit, long distance code, etc. ( access through myCSUSM)
  • Submit ePAN /staff (ONBASE) or ATF/Faculty attach HR appt. letter & work schedule (need EMP ID & position #)
  • Request existing computer be prepared by IITS or order new Refresh computer if needed
  • Employee Sign In Process and attend HR Orientation
  • Campus/Unit tour and introductions and Faculty/Staff resources
  • Order office and/or other keys for position
  • Prepare office if needed, cleaned out, organized (check with Facilities if furniture needed)
  • TEAMS and/or Voice Mail instructions
  • Copier/printer/copy code instructions
  • Unit webpage updated with new staff/TT (OU Campus)
  • Outlook shared calendar
  • Review and remind to use PAR  Website for  all Academic Affairs Travel, Hospitality, Budget and other Resources & Operations forms, links, etc.
  • Review absence entry and process
  • Defensive Driving training 
  • Schedule Ergonomic evaluation
  • Introduce to Faculty/Staff Help Desk
  • Classification/Compensation information for staff
  • Payroll/Holidays information
  • Professional Development Opportunities and Guidelines, assign prof dev for first year based on needs of job
  • Add to AABO Team if 'Business Operations Staff' (travel, hospitality, budget, purchasing, etc.)
  • Ask Staff Center to assign buddy if external staff new hire
  • Welcome packet or swag bag on desk, if have one

Unit Budget Coordinator, Department Chair, Director or MPP:

Unit Budget Analyst/Administrative Coordinator, if applicable:

Separation/Exit process for units:



  • Received resignation/retirement letter with last day specified
  • Separation ESP (Move ESP for FERPs, if applicable - do not separate)
  • Separation ATF (Check with Faculty Affairs for FERP ATF requirements, do not separate)
  • Exit email sent (Check with Faculty Affairs for guidelines)
  • FERP information
Emeritus Faculty information (if applicable):
  • Department/Dean submits application to nominate retiring faculty
  • Status notifications handled by The Provost Office
  • Separation ESP Comments: Application for Emeritus status in progress - please keep accesses and Outlook open until further notice.

Questions regarding the above can be directed to Academic Affairs Resource & Operations Analyst, Maria Rasimas, at