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The electronic PAN (ePAN) is available in OnBase Unity Client. If you need access to submit, or approve an ePAN, you will need to submit an OnBase Access Request Form.

Any questions related to the content of the ePAN should be directed to your HR Analyst. Please refer to the Department Assignments to find out who your HR Analyst is.

Questions related to the functions of ePANs and/or OnBase should be directed to Chelsea Gruber at or ext. 4439.

*For student background checks, please contact Susie Martinez at*


ePAN Manual - Please refer to this manual for general questions or inquiries on how to navigate and use the ePAN feature of OnBase.

Type of Action Sequence - This will be needed to determine the actions selected in the ePAN. 

ePAN Position Number List Instructions - As a submitter of ePANs, you will need to know the 8-digit position number associated with the ePAN you are creating. An easy way to obtain this information is by going through the following steps:

  • Log into myCSUSM
  • Click on "My HR Resources" then "Main Menu" then "CSUSM HR Custom" then "CSUSM HR Administer Workforce" and then "Position Detail by Department"
  • Enter a Run Control ID if prompted. If you do not know one, click the "Search" button to see if you have any preexisting Run Control IDs.
  • Enter the 4-digit Department ID
  • Enter the effective date of the information you will want to see (we recommend you use the current day you are accessing this information)
  • Example: Today is July 7, 2021. Enter the 4-digit number "1234" for the Department ID, and use "July 7, 2021" as the effective date
  • To run the report, click "Run" then "Okay" and then "Process Monitor"
  • Click the "Refresh" button until the "Run Status" column says "Success", and the "Distribution Status" column says "Posted"
  • Click on "Details", "View Log/Trace", and then select the file type that ends in a ".PDF"

2021-22 Student Employee Employment Dates: These dates are provided each year to ensure students are employed in appropriate classifications meeting the FICA exemption requirement, and to assist departments with establishing accurate and timely appointments for student employees. As a reminder, always use the date your employee physically begins working as the effective date on the ePAN.

Academic Student Employees - Union FAQ's: UAW 4123 is the union representing 9,000 Academic Student Employees – Tutors, Readers, and Teaching Assistants – at the 23 campuses of the California State University. The union negotiates a collective bargaining agreement (contract) that sets out the pay and benefits and the rights and protections of every Academic Student Employee that works at the CSU. This document hightlights frequently asked questions regarding the UAW agreement as of May 4, 2017.