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Other Appointments

Individuals performing work for the University must be properly classified and paid to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, CSU policies, and collective bargaining agreements. Below is a list of three additional non-faculty employment types along with a brief description.

Before hiring a current CSUSM student, departments must first utilize the Payments to Students: Determining Payment Type questionnaire.

If individual performing work is a current CSUSM faculty member, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs to ensure the work is not considered faculty bargaining unit work before completing the Determination Form.

To start the process, submit the Contractor-Consultant Determination Form to Human Resources for determination of appointment type.

Contractor-Consultant Determination Form

*Select  FA-Human_Resources(HR)-Contractor_Consultant_Determination_Form from the drop-down menu


  • Temporary assignment based on particular knowledge, ability, or expertise.
  • Meets the "exempt" criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is not performing non-exempt work.
  • For more information visit Special Consultant Employment


  • Exercises total control over the work being performed, sets own work hours, pay for their own business expenses, and provide own insurance, equipment, and office space.
  • The University does not direct or control the way the work is done. For example, providing how, when, and where to work, along with what tools are used are typically instructions provided to an employee.
  • The University does not reimburse business expenses such as supplies, equipment, etc.
  • May be subject to the successful completion of a background check depending on the nature of duties.
  • Not a current CSU employee and services contracted are not available through the normal staffing process.
  • Additional information about Independent Contractors can be found on the Procurement & Contracts website.


  • Appointments are intermittent, temporary, short-term (not to exceed 1-year/fiscal).
  • Do not perform bargaining unit work.
  • Typical assignments include modeling for an art class, painting a mural, group fitness instructor, etc.
  • Successful completion of a background check is required.
  • Casual Worker - Additional resources and sign in process.
  • Form required: