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Telecommuting and Remote Work

The University supports the use of a telecommuting work option in positions where appropriate and beneficial to the University and the employee. Telecommuting opportunities are based upon the duties of the employee's position as assigned by the appropriate administrator and program requirements as determined by the appropriate President's Administrative Team (PAT) member. Eligibility of represented employees may vary by bargaining unit, depending upon negotiated agreements.

The opportunity to participate in a telecommuting program is offered only with the understanding that it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that a safe and appropriate work environment is maintained and suitable for accomplishing their regular job duties during scheduled (or core, as applicable) hours of work (e.g. an ergonomically appropriate and safe; dependent care arrangements are made as not to place dependents at risk of a lack of appropriate care or interfere with the employee's ability to perform work; personal disruptions such as non-business telephone calls and visitors are kept to a minimum, etc.).

Telecommuting/Routine Work Policies and Agreement

Policy by Group and Agreement
Employee Group Telecommuting Policy Telecommuting Agreement

CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7 & 9), APC (Unit 4)

CSU Telecommuting Program for CSUSM APC & CSUEU Employees CSU Telecommuting Agreement

UAPD (Unit 1), Teamsters (Unit 6), SUPA (Unit 8), UAW (Unit 11), Confidential Employees (C99), Management Employees (MPP), Casual Workers, Student Employees

CSUSM Routine Telecommuting/Remote Work Policy CSU Telecommuting Agreement

Please note that APC and CSUEU employees follow the systemwide Telecommuting Program Policy, which requires that their position description is attached to the Telecommuting Agreement.

Sample Telecommuting Agreement Form 

Safe Computing Practices and Equipment

Employees working from home are to follow these safe computing practices.

Only pre-approved, business-related equipment that can be returned to the CSUSM Worksite at the end of the telecommuting/remote work arrangement will be reimbursed. Purchases must be made within CSUSM and CSU Procurement policies. Departments and the Appropriate Administrator will evaluate on a case-by-case basis where reimbursement is necessary for telecommuting/remote work with specific needs not already met with existing resources.

Manager Resources

Position Evaluation for Telecommuting Guidelines

Position Evaluation for Telecommuting Form