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Talent Acquisition

The CSUSM Talent Acquisition team assists campus departments with resources and guidance on recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. We are committed to attracting and retaining a highly qualified and diverse staff.

Talent Acquisition Division Assignments
Division Talent Acquisition Analyst Email
Academic Affairs Kandi Rehard
Finance and Administrative Services Courtney Tamone
Office of the President Courtney Tamone
Student Affairs Kandi Rehard
University Advancement Courtney Tamone

Employment Types


When a department has an opening for a staff and/or management position, the process begins by reviewing the position description and opening a job card (requisition) in CHRS recruiting.

Emergency Hire

Departments may hire on a emergency basis for short-term appointments based on respective collective bargaining agreements where the position shall not require posting. If the position is needed to be filled on a long-term basis, see Staff/Management hiring above.

Recruitment Process

Position Descriptions

Department Admin/Coordinator or Hiring Manager sends the HR Classification/Compensation Analyst the new or revised position description for review via e-mail. Include current position number on PD or indicate in e-mail that it’s a new position.

Position Numbers

Budget office will confirm position numbers, make updates in PeopleSoft as needed using information provided by the Classification/Complensation Analyst, or will create a new position number as appropriate. They will then confirm back to Department Admin/Coordinator and Hiring Manager that the position number is OK to enter on the CHRS Job Card (requisition).

CHRS Job Card

Department Admin/Coordinator will initiate the Job Card (requisition) in CHRS Recruiting using the position number obtained/confirmed by the Budget office, and will attach the finalized position description to to the Job Card along with any supplemental questions to be used on the applicant application.


Approvals will route via a division specific approval path when selected during the Job Card (requisition) creation process.

Job Posting

When a Job Card (requisition) has completed the approval process, the Talent Acquisition Analyst will be prompted to post the recruitment to advertising channels.

Training Resources

CHRS Job Card Training

Job Card Guide


Position Number Training

Position Detail Report Guide

Search Committee Training

Searches and Recruitment in the CSU course ID CSUSM-CURRIC-CSUSEARCHES

Search Committee Diversity Training