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Separating Employees

Sign Out Process

All employees who are leaving university employment, and faculty/teaching employees who will not be returning for the following semester, must complete the “Payroll Clearance Process”.

If you are not returning next semester, please notify the administrative support staff in your department immediately. They, in turn, will input a notice in the Employee Status Page (ESP) to start the exit process. The clearing departments use the ESP system to alert Human Resources of any outstanding items that need to be returned or, if none, they clear their section in the exiting employee’s ESP record.

Exiting employees are responsible for returning all state issued items.

 Item  Return To:
 Keys/Access Cards  Facility Services
 Library Materials  Library
 Long Term Parking Sticker  Parking Services
 Department Issued Property  Hiring Department
 CSUSM Photo I.D.  HR (your last stop)

Once the employee has been cleared in all areas, the final form is printed and must be signed and dated by the employee. This is done prior to receiving the final paycheck.   

HR staff facilitates the final sign-out procedure.
Please contact Chelsea Cross at (760) 750-4439 for assistance.

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