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Separating Employees

Staff Sign Out Process

All staff separating employment from California State University, San Marcos must complete the Sign-Out Process on, or by the last day of employment with the University. This is required for every separating staff employee to ensure that all obligations are met, including the return of University property.

Employee’s must return all State property checked out while employed, including but not limited to:

Items to Return
 Item  Return To: Contact
 Keys/Access Cards Facility Services Lock Shop x4600
 Library Materials Library User Services x4348
Parking Permit Parking & Commuter Services Parking Services x7500
 Department Issued Property Hiring Department Hiring Department or MPP
CSUSM Photo I.D.  Hiring Department Hiring Department or MPP
Computer Equipment (loaned from IITS) IITS IITS x4531
ProCard Procurement  ProCard x4555

After 6 months, the separating employee's OneDrive account will be purged. Departments should contact IITS to ensure any relevant files are successfully transferred.

If you have any questions regarding the staff Sign-Out Process, please contact HR at extension 4418, or

What happens to my benefits?

Please refer to the benefits FAQs. Further questions about benefits (CalPERS, COBRA, etc.) should be directed to Justine Cook at extension 4427, or

Going to another public employer?

As a member of CalPERS, you may be eligible for the benefits of reciprocity. Reciprocity is an agreement among public retirement systems to allow members to move from one public employer to another public employer within a specific time limit without losing valuable retirement and related benefit rights. Contact CalPERSOpens in new window for more information.

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