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Jury Duty

An employee who is summoned for jury duty service is eligible for paid jury duty leave for the days that he/she actually reports to jury duty. On-call jurors who are not required to report for jury duty service are not eligible for paid jury duty leave.  The CSU will continue your salary while on jury duty, regardless of length of jury service.

What To Do When You Receive a Jury Summons:

  • Notify your supervisor of your jury summons.
  • Notify your supervisor prior to reporting to assigned jury duty day(s).
  • Provide the Certificate of Jury Service when requested by your supervisor.

Employees called to jury duty in the superior court, in both civil and criminal cases, may receive reimbursement for mileage traveled attending court as a juror directly from the court.

Employees called to jury duty during regular work hours may receive their regular CSU pay.  If a daily jury duty fee is paid to the employee by the court, the jury duty fee must be remitted to the CSU.