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Brittany x4422
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Department Contacts
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Payroll Contact
1001 Academic Affairs Faculty Affairs Yasuko Kandi Penny
1002 Academic Affairs Academic Senate Yasuko Kandi Penny
1003 Academic Affairs Academic Programs  Yasuko Kandi Penny
1006 Academic Affairs UGPGM Service Learning Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1009 Student Affairs Athletics Cross Country & Track Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1010 Student Affairs Athletics Golf Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1011 Student Affairs Athletics Office Operations Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1012 Academic Affairs IITS IMT/Tech Refresh Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1013 CSTEM Biology  Yasuko Kandi Penny
1014 CSTEM Chemistry Yasuko Kandi Penny
1015 CHABSS Communication Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1016 CSTEM Computer Science Yasuko Kandi Penny
1017 CHABSS CHABSS Deans Office Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1018 CHABSS Economics Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1019 CHABSS Modern Language Studies Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1020 CHABSS History Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1021 CHABSS Liberal Studies  Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1022 CHABSS Literature and Writing Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1023 CSTEM Mathematics Yasuko Kandi Penny
1025 CHABSS Philosophy Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1026 CSTEM Physics Yasuko Kandi Penny
1027 CHABSS Political Science Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1028 CHABSS Psychology Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1029 CHABSS Sociology Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1030 CHABSS School of Arts Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1031 CHABSS Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1032 COBA MBA Graduate Program Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1033 COBA COBA Deans Office Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1034 CEHHS School of Education Yasuko Kandi Connie
1035 President PRES Communications Chelsea Courtney Penny
1037 Student Affairs Enrollment Admissions Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1038 Student Affairs Enrollment Services Office Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1039 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Deans Office Chelsea Kandi Lisa
1040 University Advancement University Advancement VP Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1041 Finance and Admin Svcs Accounting Services Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1042 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Dist & Property Control Services Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1044 Finance and Admin Svcs Student Financial Services Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1046 Finance and Admin Svcs Payroll Chelsea Courtney Penny
1047 Finance and Admin Svcs Procurement Services Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1049 Finance and Admin Svcs System Ops & Development Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1051 Finance and Admin Svcs Finance & Admin Serv VP Chelsea Courtney Penny
1054 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Building Maintenance Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1055 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Custodial Services Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1056 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Facilities Services Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1057 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Grounds Maintenance Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1058 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM University Vehicles Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1059 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Utility Plant Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1060 Academic Affairs Global Education Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1061 Finance and Admin Svcs Print Solutions Program - UCP Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1062 Finance and Admin Svcs Environ Health & Safety Chelsea Courtney Penny
1064 Finance and Admin Svcs Human Resources Services Chelsea Courtney Penny
1069 Finance and Admin Svcs Parking Chelsea Courtney Penny
1070 Finance and Admin Svcs Risk Mgmt & Safety  Chelsea Courtney Penny
1072 Finance and Admin Svcs University Police Chelsea Courtney Penny
1073 Finance and Admin Svcs University Computer Lease Chelsea Courtney Brittany
1075 Finance and Admin Svcs IITS Deans Office Chelsea Courtney Brittany
1078 Finance and Admin Svcs IITS Telephone Administration Chelsea Courtney Brittany
1079 Academic Affairs Library Deans Office  Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1080 Finance and Admin Svcs Budget Office Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1082 President Presidents Office Chelsea Courtney Penny
1083 Student Affairs SASS Career Center Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1085 Student Affairs Outreach and Recruitment Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1086 Student Affairs SASS - EOP Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1088 Student Affairs Student Residential Life Yasuko Kandi Penny
1089 Student Affairs Disabled Student Services Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1090 Student Affairs Financial Aid Office Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1092 Student Affairs Student Affairs VP Office Yasuko Kandi Penny
1112 Academic Affairs Faculty Center Yasuko Kandi Penny
1116 COBA COBA Instruction Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1117 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Planning/Design/Const Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1122 Student Affairs University Student Union Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1124 Finance and Admin Svcs Accounts Payable Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1125 Student Affairs SASS Readiness & Success Svcs Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1126 Student Affairs STDEV UCORP Admin Office Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1128 CHABSS Film Studies Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1130 Student Affairs ASI State Payroll Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1131 President PARM Analytic Studies Office Chelsea Courtney Penny
1135 Academic Affairs Research & International Prgms Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1136 Student Affairs SASS Student Acad Support Svcs Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1137 Academic Affairs ACDPRG Academic Advising Yasuko Kandi Penny
1139 CEHHS Human Development Yasuko Kandi Penny
1141 Student Affairs Student Development - Dean of Students Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1142 Academic Affairs Provost Office Yasuko Kandi Penny
1145 CEHHS HHS Nursing Yasuko Kandi Penny
1146 CEHHS HHS Kinesiology Yasuko Kandi Penny
1150 CHABSS Center ARTES Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1152 COBA COBA Advising Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1154 President CRUE Tribal Comm Initiative Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1155 CHABSS Arts & Lectures Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1156 CEHHS Academic Administration Yasuko Kandi Penny
1157 CEHHS Academic Advising Yasuko Kandi Penny
1160 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Construction Projects Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1163 Finance and Admin Svcs Emergency Management Chelsea Courtney Penny
1165 Student Affairs Childcare Services Yasuko Kandi Penny
1166 CSTEM Biology Lab  Yasuko Kandi Penny
1167 CSTEM Chemistry Lab  Yasuko Kandi Penny
1169 CSTEM Computer Science Lab Yasuko Kandi Penny
1170 CSTEM Mathematics Lab Yasuko Kandi Penny
1171 CSTEM Physics Lab Yasuko Kandi Penny
1172 CHABSS Psychology Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1173 CHABSS School of Arts Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1174 CSTEM Biotech Yasuko Kandi Penny
1175 CHABSS Ethnic Studies Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1176 CHABSS American Indian Studies Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1182 Finance and Admin Svcs Claims Administration Chelsea Courtney Penny
1183 Student Affairs Athletics Baseball Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1184 Student Affairs Athletics Soccer Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1185 Student Affairs Athletics Softball Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1187 CHABSS Interdis & Emerging Prgms Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1189 Academic Affairs Planning & Academic Resources Yasuko Kandi Penny
1191 Academic Affairs SPA Strategic Plan & Asses AVP Yasuko Kandi Penny
1192 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Facilities Dev Mgmt AVP Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1193 CEHHS COE Joint Doct Prg Ed Leadership Yasuko Kandi Penny
1194 Student Affairs SASS Amer with Disab Act Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1198 Academic Affairs UGPGM First Year & University Programs Yasuko Kandi Penny
1201 Academic Affairs UGPGM Math Lab Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1202 Academic Affairs UGPGM Academic Success Center Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1203 Academic Affairs UGPGM Writing Center Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1205 Student Affairs Enrollment Management -  Office of the AVP Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1207 CHABSS Anthropology Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1208 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - CSU Commission Ops Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1209 President CRUE Admin Office Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1211 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Online 3rd Party Programs Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1212 Academic Affairs Extended Learning  - AP Summer Institute Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1213 Academic Affairs Extended Learning  - B&C Public Offerings Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1214 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Marketing Center Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1215 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - OSHER Institute Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1216 President CRUE Leadership North County Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1218 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Ext Credit Regular Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1220 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Special Sessions Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1224 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Teacher Education Prog Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1225 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Science and Technology Prog Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1228 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - PSM2 Programs Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1229 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Customized Programs Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1232 Academic Affairs UGPGM Supplemental Instruction Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1233 CHABSS Anthropology Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1234 CEHHS Kinesiology Lab Yasuko Kandi Penny
1235 CHABSS Global Studies Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1236 President Pres Diversity & Ed Equity Off Chelsea Courtney Penny
1239 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Work Orders Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1245 Academic Affairs GSR Natnl Latino Research Cntr Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1246 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Temecula Campus Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1247 Student Affairs Stud Dev Orientation Ops Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1249 Student Affairs Enrollment - Academic Records Fee Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1250 University Advancement Univ Advancement - Events Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1251 University Advancement Univ Advancement - Advancement Services Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1252 University Advancement Univ Advancement - Development Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1253 University Advancement Univ Advancement - Alumni Engagement & Events Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1259 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - ARRA Biotech Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1261 Student Affairs Athletics Women's Volleyball Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1262 Student Affairs Athletics Men's Basketball Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1263 Student Affairs Athletics Women's Basketball Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1264 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Healthcare Info Tech Hit Cert Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1265 Student Affairs Athletics Women's Golf Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1266 Student Affairs Athletics Women's Soccer Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1268 CHABSS Digital History Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1269 CSTEM Pres Math Sci Instruction Yasuko Kandi Penny
1270 CHABSS SBS Student Media Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1271 Student Affairs Early Assessment Prog Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1273 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Career Transition Cert Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1276 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Sustainability and Utility Services Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1277 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Nursing Programs Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1278 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Teacher Ed Special Session Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1280 COBA COBA Professional Prog Fees Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1282 CSTEM CSTEM Dean's Office Yasuko Kandi Penny
1285 Student Affairs Athletics Women's Cross Country Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1287 Student Affairs Athletics Women's Track & Field Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1288 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Biotechnology Agriculture Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1289 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - University Programs Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1290 Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Special Projects Yasuko Kandi Penny
1294 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Social Sciences Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1295 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Business Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1296 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Student Services Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1298 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Temecula Business BSBA Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1300 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Int Acad Prep Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1302 Academic Affairs Extended Learning  - American Culture Experience Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1303 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Teacher Training Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1303 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - Teacher Training Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1307 President CRUE Shiley CSU Inst PalCare Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1309 CEHHS Masters of Social Work Yasuko Kandi Penny
1310 President CRUE Community Liaison Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1311 Academic Affairs Library Thesis Binding Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1313 CEHHS Education Credential App Yasuko Kandi Penny
1317 CEHHS Kinesiology Lab - course fees Yasuko Kandi Penny
1318 Finance and Admin Svcs CSUSM Corporation/Foundation CFS Implementation Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1319 Community Engagement Comm Engagement Military Liaison Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1320 CSTEM Biology II Lab Yasuko Kandi Penny
1322 CEHHS Math/Sci teach MSTI Fund Yasuko Kandi Penny
1323 Student Affairs Registrar Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1324 CEHHS Speech-Language Pathology Yasuko Kandi Penny
1325 CEHHS Nursing Yasuko Kandi Penny
1327 CHABSS CHABSS Music Crse Fees Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1329 CHABSS CHABSS AMD Crse Fees Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1333 CEHHS Public Health Yasuko Kandi Penny
1334 Finance and Admin Svcs FDM Plumbing & Electrical Svcs Chelsea Courtney Lisa
1335 Finance and Admin Svcs HR Labor and Employee Relations Chelsea Courtney Penny
1336 Student Affairs SL Veterans Services Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1337 CHABSS Environmental Studies Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1338 CHABSS Misc Instructional Assignment Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1339 Academic Affairs UGPGM Office of Undergrad Studies Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1340 President CRUE Engagement Scholarship Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1341 Student Affairs SASS - ACE Scholar Services Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1344 University Advancement UADV Event & Conferences Services Chelsea Courtney Vielka
1345 Student Affairs SASS Office of Internships Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1346 CSTEM Dean's Ofc CSUPERB Grant Yasuko Kandi Penny
1347 CSTEM Dean's Ofc Coast Grant Yasuko Kandi Penny
1348 CSTEM Chemistry CSUPERB Grant Yasuko Kandi Penny
1349 Student Affairs Student Engagement and Equity Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1351 CSTEM CSTEM Biology Coast Grant Yasuko Kandi Penny
1353 CHABSS Social Sciences Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1354 CHABSS Facilities & Operations Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1355 CHABSS CHABSS College-Wide Activities Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1356 Student Affairs StdAff/SASS Latin@ Center Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1357 Academic Affairs CSU Academic Resource Conf Yasuko Kandi Penny
1358 Academic Affairs UGPGM STEM Center Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1359 Academic Affairs UGPGM Civic Learning Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1360 COBA COBA EL Programs Cost Recovery Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1361 Finance and Admin Svcs POL Clery Chelsea Courtney Penny
1362 Academic Affairs GSR Institute Palliative Care Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1363 Academic Affairs GSR OTRES Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1364 Academic Affairs Extended Learning - ALCI Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1365 CHABSS Liberal Studies Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1368 Student Affairs Black Student Center Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1369 Student Affairs Athletic Field Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1374 Student Affairs STDEV Campus Recreation Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1375 Academic Affairs EXLRN Youth & Certificate Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1376 CHABSS CHABSS Music Department Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1377 CHABSS CHABSS Music Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1378 CHABSS CHABSS Arts,Media,Design Dept Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1379 CHABSS CHABSS Arts,Media,Design Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1380 CHABSS CHABSS Dance Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1381 CHABSS CHABSS Dance Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1382 CHABSS CHABSS Theatre Program Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1383 CHABSS CHABSS Theatre Lab Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1384 CHABSS CHABSS Theatre Crse Fees Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1385 Student Affairs SAFEE SHCS Yasuko Kandi Penny
1386 CHABSS CHABSS SoA Equipment Late Fees Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1387 Student Affairs Athletic Training Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1388 Student Affairs Athletics Communication Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1389 Student Affairs Athletics Support Services Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1392 Academic Affairs UGPGM Univ General Studies Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1393 Academic Affairs EXLRN Programming Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1394 Finance and Admin Svcs FAS Risk Chelsea Courtney Penny
1395 Finance and Admin Svcs FAS Sustainability Chelsea Courtney Penny
1396 Finance and Admin Svcs FAS Business Development Yasuko Kandi Penny
1397 Student Affairs SASS Dreamer Resource Center Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1398 Student Affairs VPSA StratPlan, Assess&Pro Yasuko Kandi Penny
1400 President PRES Government Relations helsea Kandi Penny
1401 Student Affairs SASS Personalized Acad Succ Svcs Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1402 Academic Affairs  GSR CRESE Yasuko Kandi Penny
1403 CSTEM CSTEM Engineering Program  Yasuko  Kandi Penny
1404 President  Pres Campus Climate   Chelsea Courtney Penny 
1405 CSTEM CSTEM Non-Instruction Operations Yasuko Kandi Penny
1406 President CRUE Economic Development  Chelsea Courtney Penny
1407 Academic Affairs PO CSUSM Temecula Campus Yasuko Kandi Lisa
1408 Student Affairs SL LGBTQA Pride Center  Yasuko Kandi Penny
1409 Student Affairs SL Gender Equity Center  Yasuko Kandi Penny
1410 Finance and Admin Svcs FAS Internal Audit Chelsea Courtney Penny
1411 Academic Affairs VPO FACES FacAdvCareEngagSuprt Yasuko Kandi Penny
1412 Academic Affairs GSR Innovation Hub Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1413 Academic Affairs GSR CICSC Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1417 Student Affairs SAATH Cheer Yasuko Kandi Vielka
1418 Finance and Admin Svcs FAS Staff Center  Chelsea Courtney  Penny
1420 Academic Affairs VPO Ind Pship and Innov Hub Yasuko Kandi Penny
1422 Student Affairs SASS Project Rebound Yasuko Kandi Brittany
1424 Student Affairs STDEV Stdt Health Couns Serv Yasuko Kandi Penny