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CHRS Recruiting

chrs recruiting

CHRS Recruiting is coming to CSUSM! The Common Human Resources System (CHRS) Recruiting platform is being developed to help us attract, hire and onboard talented faculty and staff more efficiently and effectively. Behind the scenes we are configuring the software to work for CSUSM and will be partnering with division representatives throughout campus to test each change and process. As with any change, we will be offering training and support sessions to ensure all who have access and play a role are comfortable and familiar with the process.

Faculty: LIVE! More information available on the Faculty Affairs website.

Staff and MPP: July 1, 2023

Why CHRS Recruiting?

  • Handles all categories of recruiting: all types of faculty, administrators, staff and student workers in a secure environment
  • Offers a paperless way to perform most functions within the system, from initiating a job card (requistion) to onboarding new employees
  • Automates workflow and integrates with the Common Human Resources System (CHRS) to streamline functions and increase recruitment efficiencies
  • Provides valuable analytics to help campuses make informed decisions
  • Matches University branding for a seamless user experience for applicants

Benefits of CHRS Recruiting

  • Approvals can move more efficiently through electronic workflow
  • Decrease manual workload with data automatically transferred between CHRS Recruiting and PeopleSoft
  • Applying for a job is easier and more attractive with features such as resume parsing and application via mobile devices
  • Information can be captured and conveniently accessed now that all recruiting data can be tracked within the system, rather than in outside tools
  • Hiring effectiveness can be improved through easy-to-understand analytics regarding recruiting expenditures and candidate pipelines
  • Onboarding new employees can be streamlined by using a centralized system including electronic checklists to track the onboarding process.
  • Security and data integrity can be improved because papers are not being routed manually, access is granted based on roles employees perform
  • Systemwide reporting can be easier and faster due to the common system

About CHRS Recruiting

CSU Recruiting is built on a software platform called PageUp. This has allowed a common CSU-wide system foundation to be created, as well as permitting each campus to configure the software to best meet their needs and processes.

Authorizing sponsors

  • Michelle Hunt, Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs
  • Lisa McLean, Senior Director, Office of Human Resources