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Employee Tuition and Fee Waiver Benefit

Eligible employee criteria for represented and non-represented employee categories vary and are based on collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) for represented employees and policy for non-represented employees as summarized on the following chart:

Represented Employees
Unit Details
Unit 1 (Physicians) All unit members
Unit 3 Faculty - Non-FERP Tenured* and probationary faculty unit employees (excluding coaches), and temporary faculty unit employees with three (3) year appointments pursuant to Article 12 of the CBA. Coaches must have at least six (6) years of consecutive service in the department. One (1) year of service shall be considered employment of one (1) semester or two (2) quarters in the bargaining unit on a single CSU campus during a single academic year.
Unit 3 - FERP Only FERP (Faculty Early Retirement Program) participants are considered tenured faculty and are eligible for fee waiver only during the semesters/quarters when they are actively employed in a FERP appointment. Time-base is not a factor.

Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU)

Unit 4 (Academic Professionals - APC)

Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)

Unit 10 (IUOE)


Full time employees (i.e., permanent, temporary, & probationary) and part-time permanent employees.
Unit 8 (public service) Full time employees and full-time probationary employees (does not apply to temporary).
Unit 11 (UAW) Not eligible for Fee Waiver (except as provided under Executive Order 611).
Non-Represented Employees
Unit Details
M98 (Executive) Full time employees and full-time probationary employees (does not apply to temporary).
M80 (MPP) Full time employees (includes temporary employees).

C99 (Confidential)

E99 (Excluded)

Full time employees or part-time permanent employees and full-time probationary employees (does not apply to temporary).

Please note: C99 and E99 employees can only attain permanent status in part-time positions as a result of completing a probationary period in a full-time position and, subsequently reducing their time-base.

Overall, in order to participate in the Fee Waiver Program, employees must have an active appointment that is eligible for Fee Waiver.  NOTE: Please check applicable CBAs for provisions concerning the appointment of part-time and permanent employees.

Tuition Fees Eligible for Waiver or Reduction

Fees waived or reduced under the CSU Fee Waiver Program vary for represented and non-represented employee categories and are based on collective bargaining unit agreements for represented employees and policy for non-represented employees as follows:

Fee's Waived - Employee

Fee Waiver Employee MatrixThis includes the State University Tuition Fee charged during state-supported summer term. State University Tuition Fees include Undergraduate, Credential and Graduate/Post Baccalaureate Tuition Fees.

Under a CSU Doctoral Program employees pay the difference between the Doctoral Tuition Fee and the part-time Graduate Fee.


There are two tracks in the Fee Waiver Program:  Work-related classes or as part of a Career Development Plan.

Work-Related courses are classes that directly improve skills and/or enhance knowledge for performing job duties in an employee's current position. An employee may also take courses to acquire new skills needed to perform new duties and responsibilities. Enrollment may be voluntary or at the direction of the employee's supervisor or manager.

A Career Development Plan provides the framework for systematic growth and professional development. A Career Development Plan should describe progress toward career objectives. The primary responsibility for creating a Career Development Plan rests with the employee.  All forms necessary for regular admission and matriculation at a campus of the CSU system is required. 

Note: Self-support programs are not tuition and fee-waiver eligible.

Fee Waiver Taxation

CSU Employee
Course Level Tax Status
Undergraduate Nontaxable
Graduate/Credential Nontaxable up to $5250
Employee's Spouse/Dependent Child
Course Level Tax Status
Undergraduate Nontaxable
Graduate/Credential Taxable
Employee's Registered Domestic Partner
Course Level Tax Status
Undergraduate Taxable
Graduate/Credential Taxable