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Tuition Fee Waiver and Reduction Program

The Employee Waiver Program allows eligible employees to attend California State University (CSU) courses at reduced rates. The program is designed to assist employees in improving current job skills or prepare for a new career. Courses are taken for credit, and the program does not apply to Open University, Professional Development Center, or Special Session courses through Extended Learning.

In addition to employee fee waiver, eligible CSU employees may transfer his or her fee waiver benefit to a spouse, domestic partner or dependent child.

The CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program is administrated by the Office of Human Resources. Questions regarding the program can be directed to Michelle Buth, Tuition and Fee Waiver Coordinator via email at or by phone at (760) 750-4438.

Upcoming Submission Dates

2019 Term Submission Dates

  • Spring: January 11, 2019
  • Fall: August 5, 2019

OR Prior to your registration date (whichever is earlier or you may lose your classes)


Please submit your paperwork to Human Resources prior to your registration.  Make sure you have received a fee deferment on your student account or you may be dropped from your classes due to non-payment. Please check your student email for important fee payment deadlines.  If you have turned in your paperwork and do not have a deferment on your account within 10 business days, please email or call (760)750-4490 for assistance.

If you do not wish to attend CSUSM, please drop your classes prior to the first day of the term or you will owe a debt to the university.