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Dependent Tuition and Fee Waiver Benefit

Eligible employees may choose to transfer their benefit to their spouse, registered domestic partner or dependent child (within applicable age limits). Dependents must be matriculated toward a degree or the attainment of a teaching credential in the CSU. Campus administration must determine that there is space available before accommodating a dependent that wishes to enroll on a tuition and fee waiver basis.

Eligible dependents must apply, be accepted and seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree or certificated program offered through the CSU.

Employee Categories Eligibility Criteria

Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUSU)
Unit 3 (Faculty)
Unit 4 (Academic Professionals)
Units 6 (Skilled Trades)            Unit 8 (Public Safety)
Confidential (C99)
MPP (M80)
Executive (M98)

Registered Domestic Partner*
Dependent Child up to age 25**

Unit 1 (Physicians)
Unit 10 (IUOE)
Registered Domestic Partner*
Dependent Child up to age 23**

Please note: There are occasions where the dependent turns age 23 or 25 (depending on employee category) during the quarter or semester while they are enrolled in courses. When this occurs, it is acceptable for campuses to allow the dependent(s) to complete the semester or quarter because Fee Waiver benefits are not pro-rated. However, any future course taken, once the age threshold has been met, would be ineligible for the Fee Waiver Program.

*Dependent Child for fee waiver eligibility is defined as:

  • The employee's child or stepchild under age limit 25 who has never been married;
  • A child living with the employee in a parent-child relationship who is economically dependent upon the employee, under age limit and has never been married; or
  • The employee's child or stepchild above age limit who is incapable of self-support due to a disability which previously existed.

**Registered Domestic Partner - Criteria for domestic partners shall be those used to determine eligibility for health benefits.

Dependent Fees

Dependent Tuition Fees Waived

  • Maximum two courses or six units, whichever is greater, per term.
  • Dependents taking courses, in addition to the tuition fee waiver courses, shall pay any difference in fees.
  • All other fees shall be at the regular rates.
  • A dependent that does not meet in-state residency requirements will be responsible for paying non-resident tuition charges.

Fees waived or reduced under the CSU Fee Waiver Program vary for dependents of represented and non-represented employee categories and are based on collective bargaining agreements for represented employees and policy for non-represented employees as follows:

Fee's Waived - Dependents

Fee Waiver Dependent Matrix

This includes the State University Tuition Fee charged during state-supported summer term. State University Tuition Fees include Undergraduate, Credential and Graduate/Post Baccalaureate Tuition Fees.

Fee Waiver Taxation

CSU Employee
Course Level Tax Status
Undergraduate Nontaxable
Graduate/Credential Nontaxable up to $5250
Employee's Spouse/Dependent Child
Course Level Tax Status
Undergraduate Nontaxable
Graduate/Credential Taxable
Employee's Registered Domestic Partner
Course Level Tax Status
Undergraduate Taxable
Graduate/Credential Taxable