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Partners in Campus Business Operations

The mission of Partners in Campus Business Operations (PCBO) is to promote an atmosphere of collaboration, and provide a forum to communicate changes and/or clarification of business processes and procedures that affect operations.  It encourages members of the campus community to exchange information across divisions in an open environment.  The meeting format includes presentations on important business operations topics, announcements, and an opportunity for sharing concerns, insights and suggestions.  The PCBO committee is responsive to issues presented in forum discussions, and welcomes your ideas and participation.

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PCBO Services Contact List

Item Inquiries

Type of Service


Budget Inquiries

Campus expenditure transfer or manual journal entry inquiries 

Datawarehouse - technical inquiries/security/access

Datawarehouse reporting inquiries

Deposit inquiries, cashier requests

Extended learning fee inquiries

Extended learning program inquiries

Financial aid inquiries

General account/expense inquiries

General scholarship related inquiries

Invoice inquiries 

Journal entry inquiries 

Peoplesoft inquiries

Procurement inquiries

Project-related miscellaneous deposit posting inquiries

Student fee inquiries

Trust fund inquiries

CSUSM Corporation/FND project related inquiries

Purchasing or Payments

Type of Service


Check clearing/reconciliation issues 

Purchase requisitions 

Travel-related questions

Transaction or Setup Requests

Type of Service


Campus Expenditure transfer requests

Chargeback inquiries

Project-related deposits, billing, transfer requests

Salary adjustments

Setting up new general ledger accounts

Setting up new projects