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PCBO Communications Archive

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Date Title Originating Department
2023_06-05 Applications Now Open - BPI Training Program - Fall 2023 Finance & Administrative Services
2023-05-30 Inter-Agency Financial Transaction (IFT) Request and Approval Change Fiscal Services
2023-05-30 Year-End Support Follow-Up Finance & Administrative Services/Business & Financial Services
2023-06-01 Reminder: Submit Concur "Available Expenses" ASAP CSUSM Travel Office
2023-03-29 PCBO Community Meeting Follow-Up Business & Financial Services
2023-03-08 Travel Office Updates and Reminders CSUSM Travel Office
2023-03-06 FY22/23 Year-End Closing Calendar Business & Financial Services
2023-03-01 Foundation Project Administration Updates University Advancement
2023-02-08 PDC Campus Moves Fiscal Year-End (FYE) Timeframe Office of Planning, Design & Construction
2023-01-20 REVISED:  Independent Contractor Forms Procurement & Contracts
2023-01-11 Restructuring of HR Analyst Functions Office of Human Resources
2022-12-13 Staples Recycled Paper Update Sustainability, Procurement & Contracts
2022-11-17 Hospitality Reminders Hospitality
2022-11-02 Announcing Procurement & Contracts New Weekly Office Hours Procurement & Contracts
2022-10-31 Staples Desktop Delivery Procurement & Contracts
2022-09-28 Updates for Relocation and Student Travel CSUSM Travel Office
2022-09-26 Dining Services Updates CSUSM Corporation
2022-09-01 Expansion of Banned Travel States - Georgia CSUSM Travel Office
2022-08-22 After-the-Fact Submission Form is Now Available Via Adobe Sign Fiscal Services & Accounts Payable
2022-08-11 Travel Staff Updates and General Reminders CSUSM Travel Office
2022-08-10 Hospitality Per Person Rate Increased for Breakfast Fiscal Services & Accounts Payable
2022-08-01 Request for (Purchasing) Approval (RFA) Sunsets Finance & Administrative Services
2022-07-13 Reminders for the Foundation Project Administration Program University Advancement
2022-07-05 Expansion of Banned Travel States (Four More States Added) CSUSM Travel Office
2022-06-29 Job Elephant Invoices for Advertising Procurement & Contracts, Accounts Payable
2022-06-16 Notice of Staples Price Increase Procurement & Contracts
2022-06-13 Mileage Rate Increase CSUSM Travel Office
2022-05-25 Last Week to Submit Applications - 2022 Business Process Improvement (BPI) Finance & Administrative Services
2022-05-24 Travel Reminders and Updates on Airfare CSUSM Travel Office
2022-05-02 Applications Now Open for 2022 - Business Process Improvement (BPI) Finance & Administrative Services
2022-04-27 Travel Prepayment FY21/22 CSUSM Travel Office
2022-04-18 Travel Reminders CSUSM Travel Office
2022-03-18 New Form for Donating Office Supplies Sustainability
2022-03-16 Candidate Expense Training + Travel Reminders CSUSM Travel Office
2022-02-14 Daily Campus Mail Route Will Recommence on Monday, February 28th Distribution & Property Control Services
2022-01-25 Simplified Adobe Sign Travel Request Process CSUSM Travel Office
2022-01-20 Distribution Services and Campus Mail Delivery Update Distribution & Property Control Services
2021-11-22 Budget 101 Survey University Budget Office
2021-11-22 ePAN Base Funding Identification University Budget Office
2021-11-10 Foundation Project Administration Program University Advancement
2021-10-28 Requestor and Approver Hospitality Quick Reference Guides Business & Financial Services
2021-10-27 EEP Recognition and Employee Virtual Event Guidelines Finance & Administrative Services
2021-09-24 CSU PO Remaining Balance Inquiry - Quick Reference Guide Procurement Operations
2021-09-21 Staples Minimum Order Reinstatement ($50) Procurement Operations
2021-08-31 University Copier Lease/Maintenance Cost and Usage Allowances Resetting to pre-COVID 19 Amounts Effective 09/01/2021 Procurement Operations
2021-08-02 Updated Relocation 252 CSUSM Travel Office
2021-07-29 Video Conferencing and Teams Calling Available CSUSM Telephone Operations
2021-06-29 HR Forms Updates and Process Improvements Human Resources
2021-06-16 Sustainability Efforts Energy Management/Utility Services Department
2021-06-16 Campus Copiers to be Serviced & Evaluated by Signa Procurement Operations
2021-06-07 Hospitality Form Submittal Business & Financial Services
2021-06-01 Updates:  Distribution Services/Property Control Distribution & Property Control Services
2021-06-01 Applications Now Open for Business Process Improvement (BPI) Training Office of Organizational Excellence
2021-05-24 Travel Pre-Payments 20/21 CSUSM Travel Office
2021-05-18 New Email for Hospitality Questions Business & Financial Services
2021-05-13 Campus Copiers to be Serviced & Evaluated by Signa Next Week Procurement Operations
2021-05-12 Staples:  Toner Auto-Sub Program Procurement Operations
2021-05-03 Travel Updates CSUSM Travel Office
2021-03-29 A Powerful New Recruiting Tool -- Coming to CSUSM This Summer Office of Human Resources
2021-03-01 Information Sessions for Foundation Project Endowments and Campus programs University Advancement
2021-01-13 Convenience Fee Reduced for Online Credit/Debit Card Payments Student Financial Services