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FERP (Faculty Early Retirement Program)

The Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) allows tenured instructional faculty, librarians, and counselors to continue teaching after retiring from service. CalPERS sets limits to the amount of work allowed post-retirement.  Currently CalPERS allows workload up to 50% (15 units) per academic year. For more information please feel free to contact the Office of Faculty Affairs. 

The CSUSM Notification of Intent to FERP is due to Faculty Affairs six months before the beginning of the fall semester (the day that pre-instruction activities commence).  Should you need an extension to this deadline, please submit your request prior to that six-month deadline. The request should be directed to the Provost via Faculty Affairs at

Required Forms

The following forms are required to apply for  FERP.


 PRTB (Pre-retirement Reduction in Timebase)

 Please contact Faculty Affairs for additional information on PRTB.