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Professional Development, Training Stipend, Additional Employment or Assigned Time


All Professional Development (PD), Training Stipend (TS), Additional Employment (AE), and Assigned Time (AT) must be approved in advance before starting work


PD, TS, AE and AT Decision Tree

Pre-approved purchase of professional growth?

  • Supplies, equipment, or books
  • Professional memberships or subscriptions
  • Professional travel, conferences, workshops or courses.

These are considered Professional Development.

Pre-approved paid training?

  • Group training to support faculty development
  • Training or retraining of benefit to the CSU (not required by law or CSU policy)

These are considered a Training Stipend.

Pre-approved work above full-time(1.0)?

  • Employment of a "Substantially Different Nature" than primary appointment
  • Funded by non-general fund sources
  • Result of work done on more than one campus
  • Overload offered in order to meet entitlement

These are considered Additional Employment.

Pre-approved assignment of WTUs to release faculty or due to excess enrollment?

  • Excess enrollment WTUs for course with more than 120 enrolled students
  • Specific service or specialized assignment (specific hours or committment required)
  • CBA Article 20.37 (EATC) award for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students

These are considered Assigned Time.