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CDIP Reimbursement

If you bring a candidate to campus for interviews for a Tenure-Track position and they inform you that they are a fellow of the Chancelors Doctorate Incentive Program then your college can submit to the CO for Interview cost reimbursement.
A few things to help you in the reimbursement process:
  • Reimbursement is only for tenure track postings
  • Funds will be transferred using an IFT
  • CDIP Fellows Directory

CDIP Interview Incentive for CSU Campuses image

Before starting the form for the CDIP Interview Incentive for CSU Campuses, the requestor should have the following information:

Requestor Details
    • First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Campus, Department
CDIP Fellow Details
    • First Name, Last Name, Email Address
Job Details
    • Interview Date
    • Appointment Type
Supporting Documents and Amount Requesting
    • Approved Travel Expense Report with receipts and job posting 
    • Amount Requested
Chartfield String
    • Account
    • Fund
    • Department ID
    • Accounting Information needed to process an Interagency Financial Transaction