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Hiring of Unit 11 Student Employees

The hiring of Unit 11 employees is governed by provisions of the Unit 11 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), particularly Article 2.

Unit 11 Hiring Procedures

Posting Job Announcements

Post all openings with the Career Center using HANDSHAKE

Example Announcements

Required Documents and Forms

Important Requirements for Hiring Departments

  • Post all open Unit 11 positions on HANDSHAKE;
  • Required documents must be submitted to Faculty Affairs a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the employees start date;
  • The Student Employee must be provided fourteen (14) days from the date of written notice to accept the appointment;
  • Instruct all new Unit 11 employees to take the Student Employee Check In Sheet to Human Resources and complete the on-boarding process prior to their start date;
  • Notify Faculty Affairs as soon as possible, and no later than fifteen (15) days prior of any Unit 11 employee orientation sessions;
  • Provide written notification to all Unit 11 employees within the first fourteen (14) days of his/her appointment period if an evaluation will take place;
  • Follow the hiring procedures to ensure all required documents are provided to Faculty Affairs (CRA 5205) for placement in the employee's personnel file;
  • Refer to Article 6 of the Unit 11 CBA for any guidance regarding disciplining and/or terminating employees.

CSU Classification and Qualification Standards