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Technology Refresh Program

The IITS refresh program at Cal State San Marcos began in 1994 with funding support provided by the campus. CSUSM provides funding for all general-fund permanent staff and designated classrooms. The official program documentation is available for review. The Technology Order Request form (linked below) is for requesting general technology, refresh computers, iPads and iPhones, non-refreshable computers, and conference room technology. Visit the Refresh FAQ for additional information.

Support Details

Efforts to maintain and support a single computer throughout its usable life requires resources from many teams within IITS; these efforts ensure IITS remains in compliance with CSU Information Security policy and are reflected as an annual cost of $300 per year per device. IITS waives these costs for all tenured faculty, lecturer faculty, and research systems (excluding grants and sponsored projects).
  • Initial Setup
    • Receiving, inventory, and tagging
    • Imaging, configuration, and updates
    • Installation
  • Software, Licensing, and Maintenance
    • Device management and patching
    • Device encryption and theft-recovery software
    • General support, repairs, and standard campus software
    • Sensitive data protection, malware, and anti-virus software scanning
  • Device End of Life
    • Data destruction
    • Electronic waste recycling