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25Live Calendar Accessibility Requirements

25Live is an event reserving and calendar system used on campus to streamline all events into a single platform. These event calendars are posted throughout the campus website, marketing emails, and more. 25Live is publicly viewed and all posted events must follow accessibility guidelines.

Do not put images of text or flyers on your event listing

Images of text should not be used on your event's posting. Text information in an image cannot be consumed by non-visual users and also can be difficult to read on a mobile device. All event content should be clearly communicated in the text portion of the event's description.

Avoid putting in a full URL onto an event's description

A screen reader will read out the entire URL letter by letter and they can be confusing to listen to. Instead, integrate your links as a clickable phrase within your event's description.

Avoid generic clickable link phrases

When creating a link in an event consider:

  • Making the URL a clickable hyperlink with a unique phrase such as: "[Event Name] Registration
  • Avoiding generic link names like "Register", "RSVP", or "Click Here" as this may be confusing for non-visual users if they are consuming several unrelated events in a calendar listing.

Have a question about 25Live events or embedded calendars? Visit the Events and Conference Services Website.