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Team-based learning

In TBL, permanent teams work together throughout the semester on multiple application activities aligned with major course units. These activities should promote both critical thinking and the development of team skills. Teams are strategically formed and are heterogenous.  The other two components of TBS are the readiness assurance process (RAP) and peer evaluation.  During the RAP, the students first complete a short quiz on the key ideas from the pre-class readings or other resources,  then they take the same quiz as a team, discussing any areas of disagreement and coming to consensus on one answer.  This can be followed by a short lecture to clear up any misunderstandings or areas of confusion before the students begin their team work. Peer evaluation should occur at multiple points, so it is both formative and summative.  There are  a number of tools in Cougar Courses that instructors can use to create peer assessments that are informative and constructive.

TBL can be used with many of the specific techniques listed on the techniques and activities page. 

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