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Instructional & Information Technology Services

Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS) is responsible for the management and support of technology throughout campus, including the hardware and software that defines our technology infrastructure.

Technology Spotlight


Faculty/Staff Help Desk Remodeled and Relocated to TRC

When you enter the Library on the 2nd floor, you will notice some big changes in IITS. Over the summer several projects have changed the look of the areas occupied by the Library and IITS.  In addition to remodeling the Open Computer Lab (now the Technology Learning Center),  IITS has remodeled the Help Desk area and moved all of the technical staff to the back of Kellogg.  For faculty and staff, you will now be assisted for all technical support issues from the Technology Resource Center located in Kellogg 2414 (TRC).  IITS will have someone available to greet you just inside the door.  Their job is to assist Faculty in getting the right technical or instructional support from one location.  We hope to provide prompt service, but if you have to wait, there is a lounge area available and a small office space for troubleshooting and training in private.  We hope that you find this new service exceeds your expectations.

New Technology Learning Center
(Kellogg 2000 - Open Lab)

IITS completed a project over the summer that transformed the Kellogg 2000 (Open Computer Lab) into the new Technology Learning Center (TLC).  This lab is heavily used by students during the day and is open 24x5 along with the Library’s second floor areas.  This technology replacement and space modernization plan is a significant project, as the campus invested in an updated space design that addressed student feedback and concerns regarding the state of the computers in the Lab as well as the physical environment. 

Feedback was gathered from over 550 responses that expressed a strong interest in seeing this space upgraded, with 78% of students responding that they would like to see faster/new computers in the lab.  The TLC project was the first remodel of the space (paint, carpet, electrical, networking) since the Library was built.  The project included a full technology refresh of the lab computers and a new space layout with updated furniture that replaced the existing high-density seating that was worn out and no longer needed.  The new computers include a mix of PCs and Macs, as well as some with large screens.  Beginning in 2019, this lab will have a new refresh schedule, where of 25% of the computers will be replaced each summer.  This new strategy will ensure that the TLC always has a mix of newer technology. 


Campus App Connecting Students to CSUSM

This fall, the Campus App will have a vibrant new look focusing on features students use most.  In keeping with one of IITS’s strategic goals, this latest version will add increased personalization by displaying the student’s class schedule on the homepage. In this new version, students will be encouraged to Sign In by clicking a link at the top of the page.  By doing this, they will be able to access new features such as their virtual ID with seamless and deep link integration into MyCSUSM and Cougar Courses. 

Campus App

The Campus App


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