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Blackboard Ally - Students

We know that students engage with course content on a variety of device types.  Some students prefer listening to course materials, some like to annotate PDFs, and some want to read it on their phone or tablet as a website.  This Spring we are launching a tool called ALLY is all courses.  Ally is a first of its kind software that allow you to absorb information however you feel is best.

Have you ever read a PDF repeatedly but it just doesn’t seem to stick?  Do you have to commute to campus and waste hours of potential study time?  You are not alone.  ALLY will allow you to download an alternative version in just a few clicks.

What do I do?

In your course you will see a down arrow next to each PDF, Word, and PowerPoint file. 

Alternative formats icon

Select the down arrow, select "alternative formats," and choose your preferred format from the menu.

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George & Angelo Use Blackboard Ally


George & Carianne Use Blackboard Ally


 Should you run into an issue downloading an alternative version or just have a question please contact with your course information, the name of the document, and a link to the document.

 Give us feedback!

We'd like to know how Ally is helping you in your courses.  Complete this brief survey and let us know how things are working.