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Using Blackboard Ally

What is Blackboard Ally?

Blackboard Ally is an amazing software tool built within Canvas that allows learners to absorb information based on their specific learning style. In just a few clicks, Blackboard Ally allows you to download an alternative format of any PDF, PowerPoint, and Word document in a course.

Alternate Formats in Blackboard Ally

  1. Preview any PDF, PowerPoint, or Word document from a course in Canvas.
  2. Select the “Alternative Formats” link located above the document
    Alternative Format link
  3. Choose any of the offered alternative formats to download to your device.

Ally's alternative format options

Did You Know?
With Ally's alternative formats you can download any scanned PDF document into an OCRed PDF!

Blackboard Ally in Use

George & Angelo Use Blackboard Ally

George & Carianne Use Blackboard Ally


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