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Attention Faculty Teaching Fall 2019:

If there are any applications that you do not see listed in the table below, please fill out the Information Technology Review form and we will follow up once we have completed a review of the request. All requests will be considered on a case by case basis, and may require division funding.

Software Name Description Available Version   Campus Machine Availability Available for Personal Devices  
PC Mac Cougar Apps
Faculty/Staff Students
AD Instruments Lab Chart Data acquisition system  n/a         n/a
Adobe Creative Cloud Graphic Design, Video Editing, Web Development n/a PC  Mac    

Adobe Cloud - Students, Faculty & Staff

Alice 3 Computer Science  3   Mac     Get Alice - Freeware
AquaMacs Computer Science n/a   Mac      Freeware - Get Aquamacs
ArcMap GIS  10.5.1  PC   X X Faculty/ Staff & Students - Email Allen Risley 
ArcGIS Pro GIS 2.0 PC       Faculty, Staff & Students email Allen Risley
ArcGIS Online GIS n/a         Faculty, Staff & Students email Allen Risley
Atlas.ti Data Analysis  8     X X n/a
Audacity Audio Editing  2.1   Mac X X Audacity - Freeware
Autodesk Design, Creativty Autocad, Maya, Mudbox)         Autodesk - Free for CSUSM Community
Blender 3D Creation  2.79   Mac     Blender - Freeware



Screen Recording & Video Editor 3.0 Mac

9.0 PC

PC Mac    

Camtasia - Faculty & Staff

Chemdraw Chemistry/Biology Drawing Tool  17     X X Free for CSUSM community 
Crystal Ball Predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation  11.1     X X n/a
Digital Works Digital Logic Circuits  3.0.5     X X Digital Works - Freeware
Filemaker Database 16     X   n/a
Finale Music Editing  v25   ACD 104     n/a

Geometer's Sketchpad

Mathematics  5   Mac     n/a
Graphpad Prism Scientific graphing 7   SBSB 1206     Limited to one or more labs.
Kaleidagraph    4.5.3     X X n/a
LabChart Reader    8.1.6     X X LabChart Reader - Freeware
Maple    18   Mac X X n/a
Mathematica    11.1   Mac X X n/a
Matlab   n/a   Mac X X n/a
Mendeley Desktop   n/a   Mac X X n/a
MGLTools-1.5.6   n/a   Mac     n/a
Microsoft Imagine Microsoft Development Tools n/a          STEM Faculty & Students
Microsoft Office 365   n/a PC Mac    

Office 365 - Faculty, Staff & Students

Microsoft Visio   n/a     X X n/a
MikTex (0.3.0)   n/a     X X n/a
Minitab 18 Statistics  18     X X Faculty, Staff & Students email Mike Irick for assistance 
Minitab Express Statistics  N/A         Faculty, Staff & Students  - Email Mike Irick for assistance
National Instruments   n/a         n/a
NetBeans   n/a   Mac     Freeware
Netfabb Basic (5.0.0)   n/a     X   n/a
PCSPIM (8.0.0)   n/a     X X n/a
PHStat 4   n/a     X X n/a
PlannersLab (   n/a     X X n/a
Praat (5.3.63)   n/a   Mac X X n/a
Practica Musica   n/a   ACD 104      Limited to one lab
Pro Tools 12*   n/a   ACD 104      Limited to one lab
Program Editor (22.0.0)   n/a     X   n/a
PuTTY (0.62.0)   n/a     X X n/a
Python (2.7.0)   n/a   Mac     n/a
Qualtrics   n/a          Faculty, Staff & Students
R (3.3.2)   n/a     X X n/a
Read&Write Gold 11
  n/a   Mac     n/a


   8   ACD 104     n/a
Respondus Lockdown Browser (   n/a PC Mac X   n/a
SAP Logon   n/a     X X n/a
SAS 93 (9.3.0)   n/a     X X n/a
SAS Enterprise Guide (5.1.0)   n/a     X X n/a
SAS GRAPH ODS Graphics Editor   n/a     X X n/a
SAS IML Studio (3.4.0)   n/a     X X n/a
SAS Locale Setup Manager   n/a     X X n/a
Scratch   n/a     X X n/a
SeaMonkey   n/a   Mac  X   n/a
Secure File Transfer Client (3.2.9)   n/a     X X n/a
Secure Shell Client (3.2.9)   n/a     X X n/a
Seed Manager   n/a     X X n/a
Snagit   n/a     X X

Faculty/Staff - Keys & Download

SolidWorks (3.0.0)   n/a     X X n/a


Data Analytics n/a Markstein  Hall 305        Limited to one lab
Spartan Student (6.1.4)   n/a     X X n/a
SPSS   v22 - v25     SPSS 24 SPSS 24 n/a
SQL Developer (   n/a     X X n/a
StarUML (   n/a     X X n/a
Stata (13.0.0)   n/a     X X n/a
Text Output   n/a     X X n/a
TF32 (2.0.0)         X X n/a
 Reason   10   ACD 104     n/a
Visual Studio for Mac   n/a   U Hall 273     Visual Studio (mac) - Freeware
VMD Molecular Visualization  n/a   Mac      VMD - Freeware
VocalTractLab   n/a     X X n/a
VTDemo (3.6.0)   n/a     X X n/a
WaveSurfer (1.8.8p4)   n/a     X X n/a
WinSCP FTP Client n/a     X X n/a
Xcode   n/a   Mac     n/a
XML Fox   n/a     X X n/a