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IITS ALERT - ** Temporary Walk-Up /Drive-Up Technical Support in Craven Circle ** (Posted: Friday, 07/30/2021 08:00 AM)
IITS ALERT - Issues to Expect as you Reconnect to your Campus Technology (Posted: Thursday, 07/29/2021 01:00 PM)

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Audiences: Faculty  Staff 

Due to the number of technical support issues associated with the Return to Campus, IITS will not be able to respond to in-office requests for several days.  If you encounter any issues with your laptop or other wireless devices that require technical assistance, IITS will provide in-person support from a temporary outdoor Help Desk in the Craven Circle area for both walk-up and drive up support.

Hours will be Monday, Aug. 2nd at 9am – 5pm. 

If there is sufficient demand, IITS may continue to offer this service on Tuesday.  Updates will be posted to this alert.

Audiences: Faculty  Staff 

Return to Campus -- Week of August 2nd

As you return to your campus office, you should anticipate your technology will require time for updates and may run into other small issues before operating as expected/normal.

Issues to expect include old passwords blocking you from logging in, wireless connectivity issues, and overdue software patches being applied on your computer.

Please visit the IITS Reconnect to Campus website for more on what to expect.


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