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About the Web Team

Meet the Team

Jason Eberwein

Jason Eberwein

Web Developer – specializing in all the behind the scenes magic that makes editing your pages easier, and front-end design and development.

Before joining CSUSM in 2007, Jason worked for Macromedia and Adobe Systems for 7 years on their award winning support websites.

Jason attended SDSU as a Theatre major with emphasis in acting and directing. He has a modest board game collection (over 170 games and growing).

Jay Rees

Jay Rees

Web Team Lead - specializing in project management, web usability, and customer consultations.

CSUSM Class of '95 Alumnus. Worked in IITS since 1995 primarily in web services, but also as the campus accessibility consultant and Cougar Courses administrator.

Jay spends his free time with his family and is trying to travel the world, one tourist trap at a time.

André Rychener

Andre Rychener

Web Information Architect/Web Developer – specializing in Google Search, Google Analytics, SEO and user interface design.

Andre caught the web bug in 1995 when he joined an internet startup in his home country Switzerland. In 1999 he decided to explore the new world and moved his office and small family across the big pond to Southern California. He’s been part of the IITS web group since 2007.

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The Web Technology Team is part of the Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS) department and under the direction of Tasos Lazarides.

Student Assistants

  • Ria Sharma
  • Angela Muradov


To provide guidance and support for the campus community seeking current and efficient web publishing practices.


  • Enable campus content owners easy access to make decisions on published content.
  • Remove the need for distributed campus web authoring, except when desired by departments.
  • Establish content review and redesign cycle to keep the CSUSM website contemporary.