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Etext Services

The Etext team provides services to students registered with the Disability Support Services (DSS) at CSUSM.

Services provided through etext include:

  • Alternative Text - the Etext Department receives requests for textbooks in alternative formats from a student through the DSS department. We then process the textbooks into the format requested (PDF, MP3, KESI, Doc, Daisy, etc), and deliver the book files back to the student.
  • Training - Students register with the DSS Office may contact to receive demos on current screen readers and programs distributed on campus. Walk in with a textbook and leave listening to it on your headphone!
  • ´╗┐Accessibility guidance - When working on your thesis, graduate project, or dissertation, please note that it must be made accessible to screen readers and other assisitve computer technologies. We offer free training and accessibility guidance on how to ensure the paper you are submitting is ADA compliant.

Contact for scheduling appointments

To learn more about DSS, please visit the Disablity Support Services page.